January giveaway

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, January 10, 2013


I thought it was about time for a January giveaway. Here's Silver Birch and it's up for grabs. To enter, simply like my facebook page and leave a comment here mentioning your Facebook name and which clutch you like the best from my Etsy shop. I can ship the clutch worldwide so there's no restriction on your location.

Winner will be chosen (at random) in two weeks time. Good luck!


  1. Sydney Says:
  2. I like you FB page (Sydney Pavlat Szumski) I adore the Folk circles clutch!

  3. Tiffany Says:
  4. Liked your FB page (Tiffany Doi) and I've always loved any of the embroidered peacock bags.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Offbeat Home tipped me off on this! I'm Adi Rtyhippie on FB and I love the Oak & Ash clutch. Vibrant colors and great contrast!

  7. KM Says:
  8. Hi, another Offbeat Home reader here! I'm Katherine McDonald, and I love the embroidered peacock bags, especially the first one with the sand-coloured background.

  9. Sharon Ross Says:
  10. EEE. I love all of your clutches. Especially the Bird on a wire clutch. Page bookmarked for later and I'm Sharon Ross on Facebook. Beautiful work!

  11. Patricia Says:
  12. My Facebook name is Patricia Ryan Clark, and I LOVE the Latte leaf clutch. So pretty!

  13. I am an Offbeat home reader and liked your FB page (Dawn Terrill Peterson.) I was actually drawn to the article because your birches clutch is so beautiful. Even after checking out your other lovely clutches, it is still my favorite!

  14. Unknown Says:
  15. Liked the Facebook page - Kirsten Hansen

    I've been lusting after one of your clutches since before my wedding and just couldn't quite budget for one. But I am still in love with this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/111212532/peacock-clutch-silk-purse-wedding-bridal

    Although I'm afraid to look through others since I may want to collect them all!

  16. Amy Says:
  17. I liked your Facebook page (I'm Amy Laurette Peterson) and I am obsessed with your Dandelion Clocks clutch. :)

  18. Kelsey Says:
  19. I liked your FB page (Kelsey Dozier) and my favorite clutch is the Chrysanthemum Clutch! Gorgeous!

  20. Lady Tiny Says:
  21. i'm another ofbeat reader, and love your bags!
    liked your fbpage (kristin vereecken) i really like the ash & olive clutch! and a lot of others, but well ^^ (like the ruby mandala, and the starburst, and ...)

  22. MoranSha Says:
  23. fb - Morab Shaham Levy


  24. Jess Says:
  25. Liked your page on Facebook (Jessica Hall) and saw the post on Offbeat Home & Life, so glad they featured you your work is awesome!

    My favorite by far is the Oak and Ash clutch!

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. My name on FB is Kristy Joy Doyle, and I like the Yellow seedheads clutch the best, but they are all so gorgeous!

    Offbeat Home sent me!

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. I liked you on Facebook aaaaages ago because your clutches are so pretty! I like the peacock clutch best but would love to win the birch. My fb username is Rachel Moss.

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. Thanks for doing this my name on Facebook is Becky Vaal and i love the butterfly clutch i'm a total sucker for them but love all the bags they're amazing.

  32. Laura Says:
  33. I've come via Offbeat - beautiful clutches! I'm Laura Giles on Facebook. It's difficult to choose a favourite but all of the embroidered peacock feather ones, ice chrysanthemum and noir pod are especially lovely :) Any of these would make a pretty fabulous wedding accessory!

  34. Holly Says:
  35. I love your clutches! My favorite would have to be the feather clutch, its too cute (Holly Provan on facebook)

  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. Hi Ruby Rose! I'm also from Offbeat Home. Love the clutches, they're gorgeous. <3

    I'm Chrissy Branom on Facebook and my favorite clutches are the coral poppy and blue sparkle ones. Nifty designs!

  38. Anonymous Says:
  39. I'm Bridgette Stokes on Facebook and I just saw your clutches via OffBeat (Home & Life). I am having trouble picking a favorite but I think the Blue Sparkle is might be the one - although I love the Ash & Olive, Siver Birch, and Coral Peony as well. So unique and beautiful!

  40. RJones Says:
  41. My gosh it's taken me forever to decide! But my favourite is the feather plume clutch, embroidered silk. I'm Rhianne Jones on FB :)

  42. Emily Says:
  43. Liked on FB. I love the teal feather clutch and the cerise and charcoal bloom clutch! Beautiful work all around!

  44. Raven Says:
  45. I'm an Offbeat Home reader.
    I liked your fb page (Raven Michelle Lynch), and I adore the Blue Chrysanthemum.

  46. Unknown Says:
  47. I found this through Offbeat Home, liked your facebook page (Amanda Herlacher), and looked at your bags. There are so many beautiful ones to pick from, but I think I still like the Birch on the best.

  48. So beautiful! I'm here from Offbeat Home, and I think your work is stunning. I liked you on FB (Elena Howells), and I'm thinking my favorite is the Teal Stripe clutch, though, really, I didn't see a single one that wasn't lovely.

  49. Juli W Says:
  50. I love the Silver Birch and Silver Pod clutches! They're fabulous!! (Julie Wilhelm)x

  51. Martina Says:
  52. Enter me
    like this
    facebook: giovanna d'arco
    mail: laperla85@yahoo.it

  53. Anonymous Says:
  54. Liked your Facebook Page, Linda Moffitt. Love your Dragonflies clutch, just beautiful.

  55. Anonymous Says:
  56. Love them all but the Arrow clutch is my favorite.

  57. Anonymous Says:
  58. Love them all but the Arrow clutch is my favorite.

  59. crydwynn Says:
  60. I'm Carisa Weinfurter on facebook and I am in love with the Silver Birch clutch. So gorgeous!

  61. Emma Thienes Says:
  62. I liked you on Facebook and my name is Emma Thienes. I love all the designs but my favorite is Chartreuse Feather Clutch.

  63. Anonymous Says:
  64. I also found you through Offbeat Home. Your clutches are beautiful. My favorite is the slim Starburst clutch. I'm Lillie Webb on facebook.

  65. Andie Says:
  66. Came here from Offbeat Home, too! I'm Andie Ratcliff. It was hard to choose a favorite, but I think mine is the Cerise & Charcoal Bloom clutch.

  67. NikiH Says:
  68. Also from OBH! I'm Niki Hawes on facebook, and I love your Arrows clutch so much! All of your Woodland collection is gorgeous too.

  69. Amanda Says:
  70. My Face book name is Amanda Smith and I truly like that Birch clutch best!

  71. Sarah Sertic Says:
  72. (Sarah Sertic here) Love the teal peacock clutch- it would match my hair as people over at work now are calling me the peacock gal. Great work you have :)

  73. Anonymous Says:
  74. My facebook name is Kristen Sweetland and I luuuuuurve that birch clutch! xo

  75. MissKyo Says:
  76. Hi, another Offbeat Homie here! My Facebook name is Sarah MissKyo Winthrop, and I love the Peacock Feathers clutch bag in purple, pink, black, and turquoise! Purple and turquoise are two of my wedding colors and it's so cute!

  77. amywatkins Says:
  78. I love the butterflies clutch, although all those chrysanthemums are also gorgeous! My FB name is Amy Watkins.

  79. Wordwitch Says:
  80. I have to pick *one* favourite??? I could easily come up with a list of ten or twenty! But okay, I love the Yellow Poppy clutch. So bright and beautiful!

    My Facebook name is Karen Turnbull.

  81. Hello there , I have already liked your delightful facebook page , my facebook name is Yvonne Ann Hill . My absolute favourite is the stunning ' Sweetheart Clutch ' . I would love to add it to my collection of your wonderful pieces . Maybe I'll be lucky !

  82. Anonymous Says:
  83. fb name: Shake Maj

    i have picked quite a few as my favourites:) because they are all so lovely!! so here goes my list:

    silver peony clutch, ivory cloud clutch, ethereal flower clutch and the feather clutch:)

  84. dreemwhrld Says:
  85. I really like the birch clutch the most!
    ~Breanna McCollum

  86. dreemwhrld Says:
  87. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  88. Ria E. Says:
  89. I'm Victoria Earnest and I love the whole woodland collection but the birch clutch in particular!

  90. Ashley Says:
  91. Oh wow amazing! I love all of the clutches but like the Birch clutch the best. I'm Ashley Holland on FB

  92. Spanger Says:
  93. I found you on Offbeat home. I love the peacock range - this one would go SO well with my peacock shoes


    Lyndall Parr

  94. Savannah Says:
  95. My name is Savannah Hall, I liked your Facebook page, and I LOVE the silver birch clutch. All of your designs are gorgeous, but that one really fits me.

  96. Billie Says:
  97. Here from Offbeat Home & Life. Beautiful bags! I liked you on facebook (Billie Kenyon) and my favorite is the Teal stripe clutch.

  98. Jo CG Says:
  99. Oh my God, I am so glad Offbeat Home shared this! Such gorgeous collections - and in the UK, too! I've liked your FB page (I'm Jo Cooper-Gavin) and tried desperately to choose just one favourite from your shop...it'd probably be the Peacock feathers clutch bag, but seriously, so many gorgeous designs. Good work, Red Ruby Rose!

  100. Brianne Says:
  101. Hi! I'm Brianne McMillan on FB and it was really hard to choose a favourite, but I LOVE the "Blue Sparkle Clutch"

  102. Samantha Says:
  103. Love the Peacock clutch!

  104. my name on fb is cathie berrey-green i love the butterflies clutch!!! but they are all awesome!!

  105. Karen Dyra Says:
  106. Hi! Your clutches are gorgeous! I liked you on FB (Karen Dyra) and my favorite is the yellow poppy. So pretty!

  107. Nicole Olsen Says:
  108. My FB name is Nicole Olsen and I LOVE the Silver pods clutch -- would be great for my wedding day!

  109. Jennydee Says:
  110. I liked your facebook page (Jennifer Patricia DeAngelis) and I love the Berry Bloom clutch!

  111. Jon & Jen Says:
  112. Hi! I liked your FB page under 'Jennifer Sheehan' and I LOVE the silver birch clutch. So beautiful!

  113. Tabitha Says:
  114. I love the Butterfly Cloud Clutch! Got the link off of Offbeat Bride. My facebook name is Stacy Glassburn.

  115. Anonymous Says:
  116. my FB name is April Lynn.
    I'm very torn between the ice chrysanthemum and the silver birch, but I think I'd choose the birch as my favorite!

  117. Unknown Says:
  118. My favorite is the Butterfly Cloud clutch. http://www.etsy.com/listing/113311769/butterfly-cloud-clutch-printed-silk

    FB name is Susan Leigh Hazel.

  119. OGracie Says:
  120. Rowena -

    You make it difficult to choose just one! Your designs are simply amazing! You've picked some fabulous fabrics to create these clutches with!

    I'm torn between the Silk Butterfly(http://www.etsy.com/listing/102467998/silk-butterfly-clutch-embroidered-luxury) & the Dandelion Clocks (http://www.etsy.com/listing/46540449/dandelion-clocks-clutch-silk-lined-purse)!

    They both are amazing and represent something beautiful to me. I lost my brother to cancer recently and am going through the healing process. These designs (the butterfly emerging from it's cocoon & the dandelion seeds starting anew) make me think of healing.

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    -Christa Fricke
    (like from FB)

  121. Anna Lee Says:
  122. Bought one of your peacock bags for a friend's 30th a couple of years ago, and now entering from OBL&H. I love the coral poppy clutch!

  123. Anonymous Says:
  124. I liked your FB page and I'm sharing it on my pages/profile! Love your products! I'm Jennifer Thomas (on fb) and I simply adore the Ruby Rose Clutch!

  125. Jennifer Says:
  126. I liked your page on FB and shared it with my friends and also on my pages. My name is Jennifer Thomas and I simply adore the Ruby Rose Clutch!

  127. Jennifer Says:
  128. Didnt mean to post twice. My apologies!!!

  129. My name is Bethany C. Whisenant-Wright, and I am in love with the Folk Circles clutch!!! <3

  130. Anonymous Says:
  131. LOVE the queen anne's lace clutch! :D

    Liked you on facebook as Laura Cruz. I also came from Offbeat Home!

  132. I love the Peacock feathers clutch bag! It's so adorable!!! I just liked you on facebook too! my fb name is: Sarah Shevlin


  133. Anonymous Says:
  134. Here from Offbeat Home as well. I'm Laurel Shelley-Reuss on FB, and I love, love, love your clutches--they're all adorable! Especially the Ethereal Flower clutch.

  135. Anonymous Says:
  136. Liked your FB page (Sarah Gustin) and your White Feather clutch is gorgeous! Thanks to Offbeat home for introducing me to your beautiful collection!

  137. Hi! My name is Rachael Nealis and the giveaway post on Offbeat Home caught my attention because of the tree pattern on the birch clutch. I love trees - it's my chosen decorative motif! I looked through the other (beautiful) items you have but none compare to the birch clutch - it's perfect.

  138. Lydia Says:
  139. My FB name is Lydia de Leeuw and I like the sunflower clutch the best. :)

  140. Pigwotflies Says:
  141. Bekki Slowley. And I love love love the Blue Sparkle clutch! <3

  142. Lulu Says:
  143. One of my favorites is the Ice chrysanthemum clutch bag!
    FB name: Olesia Flegka

  144. Court Ney Says:
  145. Hello! I've liked your page and I LOVE the feather teal clutch! Court Ney.

  146. so glad offbeat home turned me on to your clutches! they are gorgeous! i, briana mangiagli, liked you on facebook- and am here to tell you the silver birch clutch is my absolute favorite!

  147. Astellus Says:
  148. FB Name: Mellissa Ann (I just liked you on FB! Thank you Offbeat homes for showing me these clutches)
    Also, I believe one of my favorites IS the Silver birch clutch...so bonus to me that it's the prize this month! Time to save your etsy page now! :)
    Thank you!

  149. Lily Knoble Says:
  150. I love the yellow poppy clutches, though I like the one with the bud best! - Lily Tate

  151. Lily Knoble Says:
  152. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  153. Amy N. Peck Says:
  154. Got here from Offbeat Home! FB name Amy Peck. I LOVE the butterflies bag!

  155. Cheryl M Says:
  156. I liked your FB page and my FB name is Cheryl McCormick. All of the clutches are so beautiful and unique but my favourite has to be the one in this giveaway the Silver Birch

  157. Emma Says:
  158. Another British Offbeat Homie here!

    It's such a tough choice, but I do like the Silver Birch design.

    It works as a stand alone clutch, but would also look fab with a flower or woodland animal brooch attached to it. Great for travelling as you can get a great variety with just one bag.

    FB ID is emmahelen and my name is Emma Sykes. Thanks for including me in this lovely competition!

  159. TwoFish Says:
  160. Hello, BreAnna Tosser here. I would have to say that the Lion clutch is definitely my favorite.

  161. Anonymous Says:
  162. I like the Bloom Noir! Nice work! Leslie Tiscia

  163. jackeline Says:
  164. FB-https://www.facebook.com/jackeline.davila.127 (Jackeline Davila)
    I'm in LOVE with the Elephants clutch Printed Silk Clutch!!!!!


  165. Kay Says:
  166. I liked your facebook (Kaylie Kinney). My favorite is the coral chrysanthemum!

  167. Meagan Says:
  168. Another Offbeat Homie here! Love all your clutches, my Facebook name is Meagan Moore, and my favorite clutch, if I HAVE to pick, is the White Bird Clutch.

  169. shanpat1024 Says:
  170. I'm Shannon Paterson on FB, and I absolutely am in love with your Noir stripe clutch...So simple, but yet so gorgeous!