As a heatwave approaches....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, September 27, 2011 2 comments

After a month off in August and a catch-up with custom and wholesale orders I'm now settling down to create some new pieces. First off, an update on the arrows design, in hot turquoise blue and contrasting red/orange arrows.
Blue Arrows clutch, $85 on Etsy

Next up, I'm smitten with this chevron stripe fabric in yellow and grey. The clutch is rounded with a long cross-body chain and a sweet birdie patterned lining

Chevron stripe clutch, $85 on Etsy

Finally, I promised to make some larger style bags for a customer and here's a little selection I worked on over the weekend. She's getting first dibs but I'll be listing the others on Etsy soon.

As for all these yellows and blues... it's not such a seasonal palette I know, at least not for the Northern hemisphere as we head into autumn. However, it seems as though we may be getting our Indian summer after all, the UK weather forecast for the rest of the week predicts hot things. Wonderful!