New box clutches

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, February 5, 2013 0 comments

Serpentine box clutch, one of a kind

On rainy days when I feel like creating something new I raid the 'bits and bobs' drawer in my studio. This consists of a huge variety of purse frames of all shapes, sizes (and complexity) which I have gathered over the last few years. Some have been placed in the 'too difficult' pile, and that includes a selection of hard shell clutch box frames. I love this style of clutch but I couldn't fathom out how to shape the fabric around the curves without seams, darts or bulky folds. Every so often I'd take out the frame and shell, experiment with a few techniques and pop them back in the drawer disappointed.

This weekend whilst working on some inkodye leather prints (more on that soon) I had a play round with shaping and moulding leather and that led me to try the box frames again. I'm so pleased to finally have got to grips with them. Look no seams!

Charcoal bloom box clutch, one of a kind

These two box clutches are silk-lined. The serpentine opens all the way so you can really see the print, and the charcoal bloom has the side hinges which is useful for keeping things in place but means the print is more obscured.

I have one more (electric blue suede) clutch on the bench which I'm finishing off. They do take forever to make though, I suppose because it's a new process for me but they need drying time and extreme accuracy.

Now I just need another rainy day and another excuse to raid the 'too difficult' pile!