A man called Tomas and a Schnapps tipple

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here are the lovely musicians we're sharing this tour with.

Solo, aka Dutch songwriter Michiel Flamman

Bugs and colds are passing around us all here. We played two shows yesterday - an afternoon instore at Hot Shots records in the centre of Bremen, and then at Townside later in the evening when I was so dosed up with Ibruprofen that I had to sit down whilst playing to counteract the wobbles and felt as though I'd drunk a bottle of tequila - which wasn't without its woozy pleasure. It was a nice chilled show.

We headed back to the hotel and loitered at the bar for a nightcap, only to strike up conversation with a witty and charming retired German gentleman called Tomas who was propping up the bar and supping schnapps and espresso. He bought us schnapps (dismissing my brandy as a brown drink that was bad for the heart) and we launched into an animated and hearty conversation which at times made me roar with laughter so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. It was a real tonic - who would have thought that a 65 year old man doing an energetic impression of a famous English rock singer (that he couldn't remember the name of) would amuse and keep us guessing so much... especially when both the barman and Michiel guessed his crazed twitching gestures as that of Joe Cocker immediately.

Plus, joy of joys, that combination of schnapps and hearty laughter made me wake up with a clearer head and reduced fever. Yay!