Oooh, votey votey!

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I just saw that I've been included in Etsy's latest voter, featuring clutches. Oooh! Now, I don't want to twist any arms but here's where to vote ... although goodness, what a selection of delicious arm candy to choose from!


  1. Moondoonie Says:
  2. I voted for ya & I learned something new about Etsy in the process. That was fun. Good luck!!!

  3. Thanks so much Moondoonie!

  4. Nicole Says:
  5. That's an easy vote for me! I love the clutch I won from you! And the one to vote on is another of my favorites.

  6. You already had my vote - lovelove your shop!!!
    - Lindsay

  7. SpaGoddess Says:
  8. i so voted for you:)

    bonne chance ma cherie!!


  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I'm totally voting for you Rowena! You're the best when it comes to clutches!
    ps. I've tagged you! :) and awarded you premium meme award :)

  11. Thanks so much everyone!