Those pesky birds.....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, May 23, 2009

mmmm, grass clippings, nom nom nom

My posting has fallen off a cliff. All my good intentions of daily blogging have fallen by the wayside since we got our chickens (always good to have something else to blame!)

I know that my intention in getting chooks was so I'd spend less time inside working and more time relaxing but this is ridiculous, I could happily watch them for hours, they almost induce a hypnotic state as I watch them spuddle round the back yard, chatting to themselves and going crazy for grapes (I think they'd mug a granny for grapes).

In honour of this new soporific state I'm even taking a rare holiday next week (sans chickens). Robbie my boyfriend will be forty and we're taking ourselves up to Scotland to revisit some old haunts. As we're both self-employed now it feels like a Herculean task to take time off - it seems like double the work before we go away and anticipation of double the work on our return but the break will do us good.


  1. jacjewelry Says:
  2. Enjoy your break - sounds like it's a much-needed one for you! The chickens are cute - I especially like the red one. :)

  3. Have a good vacation. I know what you mean about double the work before & after! Chickens eat grass clippings?

  4. Chris Kidd Says:
  5. Grapes and grass clipping. Yum. Why not shoot some video?

  6. June Shin Says:
  7. Enjoy your much deserved holiday!

  8. GUGAW Says:
  9. cute chickens!