What a pain in the neck

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ugh, I managed to pull a muscle in my neck last week and I've spent the last few days walking lop-sided and feeling a bit sorry for myself. At least it's given me an excuse to take a few days off from working and to enjoy the May sunshine.

I took myself off to Somerset this weekend (although driving maybe wasn't the most sensible thing to do) and visited my parents. Their garden is looking absurdly wonderful, I'm glad I took the pinhole camera along and took some blossomy pictures.

top left: fig tree branches, top right: apple blossom, middle: clematis, bottom left: aged terracotta pots, bottom right: vintage candelabra, all taken with pinhole kit camera, fuji film silk 100c

When the fuji film ran out I moved over to my camera phone and filled it with images of amazing cherry blooms (tweaked in Photoshop to enhance the intoxicating effect of these amazing flowers).


  1. Lisa Says:
  2. Lovely photos!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. beautiful, i love them all!

  5. carollai Says:
  6. pretty! great use of the phone cam (and photoshop, i suppose!). :)

  7. lillyella Says:
  8. those cherry blossoms are beautiful! (and all the others, too, of course :))

  9. Sarina Says:
  10. I love that one of the photo shopped
    Cherry Blossoms Rowena! It would make a nice card or clutch print :)It gives it a nice vintage look.
    Sorry to hear about the neck...sounds like a good excuse to go for a nice massage!

  11. Chris Kidd Says:
  12. Ive still got your respectable party guests. do you want them back? Sorry to hear about the neck. I think they do massage at the new Clifton Lido.
    There's a guy on facebook does some amazing pics using long exposure dslr. Must try to show you.

  13. kathiroussel Says:
  14. rowena-- your photo makes my heart melt--i love cherry blossoms!! they are the essence of spring!!