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Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've been meaning to start a new blog for ages, one that encompasses different strands of current projects, thoughts and musings. Although it will partly focus on my Etsy shop Red Ruby Rose I hope that this space will be more than a promotional cheer-sheet and will act as an extension of the cluttered work space in my head and will cover my photography, illustration, band and work in progress as well as curios, favourites and other oddities.

To kick things off, I'm going to host a giveaway. Yay! Simply visit my Etsy shop and then tell me in the comment box below a) which is your favourite and b) what creature you would like to be if you weren't human and why. I think I'd currently like to be a Scottish eagle for the awesome flying skills and views.

I'll pick the winner on the 1st May, prize is a clutch to the value of $75 from my Etsy shop - and that includes free international shipping.


  1. Rebecca Says:
  2. I really like the Ivory Chrysanthemum!

    If I wasn't human I'd like to be a sea horse


  3. Sarina Says:
  4. Congratulations on your new blog Rowena!
    I love the silk blooms luxury clutch because of the lovely texture of the raw silk with the colours of the embroidered flower and details. Very Bohemian chic!
    If I wasn't human I would like to be a siren. Then I could lounge around on sun warmed rocks half naked by the ocean, singing all day and entrapping handsome men !!

  5. Sònia Says:
  6. Hi Rowena!

    I love your work, but my pick is Candy Buttons!

    A sea turtle!!! Because they get to be a 100 and because it's better underwater :)



  7. Jen(nnn) Says:
  8. While I'm a fan of all your work, my absolute favourite is Bird on a Branch.

    If I wasn't human I'd want to be a puppy dog (mine specifically... a Polish Lowland Sheepdog named Rosalind). That's the life! Sleeping in the sun, cuddles, playing and regular meals. Ahhh.

  9. I LOVE the Circular chartreuse bloom silk-lined clutch bag!

    I've never really thought about what animal I'd like to be before. I love the water, so how about a dolphin!

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. Hi Rowena!

    I bought the Coral Poppy for my best friend, but for myself - I absolutely adore the Mint Peony. The outside is perfectly gorgeous and then you open it and the splash of teal inside is such a great surprise!

    I would love to be a Robin - they have beautiful red feathers, they sing (one of my favorite things to do) and best of all - they can fly!

    All the best!

  12. satsumabug Says:
  13. I love your clutches!! It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think it's the silk starburst in grey. I'd say the pinky-red one but I prefer contrast linings, always!

    I'd like to be a cat with a loving owner. :)

  14. lillyella Says:
  15. Im so excited to see you blogging and to get in on this contest! My current favorite clutch (how can I pick just one!) is any of the starburst patterns, followed closely by the chartreuse, purple or mint peonies.
    I would definitely be a cat - my whole life many people have told me I must have been a cat in a former life so I'm thinking that would be it.
    Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity, rowena!
    xo nicole@lillyella

  16. I love the Ivory Chrysanthemum and the Arts and Crafts and the Gold Silk Starburst. I really love them all but those three are the three that I'm really needing right now!

    And ask for what I'd be if I wasn't human. I think I'd have to say an eagle because they get to fly so high and so far and are so majestic!

  17. Itziar Says:
  18. hi Rowena!
    although i just bought the Something Blue for a friend, my absolute favourite is the Gold Silk Peacock Feathers, because i love peacock feathers, but mostly because of the gorgeous colour inside!
    if i were not human, i might like to be a black panther --so slim, quick and... sexy! isn't it?
    thanks for being such a wonderful seller!
    Itziar (knittingwords)

  19. Tiffers Says:
  20. Hi! I recently discovered your etsy and I love your clutches! I'm currently torn between the fiery red and the ivory chrysanthemum.

    I have harry potter on my mind right now, so I think I'd like to be a phoenix! ever loyal, healing powers, and incredible strength and beauty. =)


  21. Unknown Says:
  22. Hi Rowena! I LOVE them all:) I narrowed it to two fav's the Etheral Flower & Silk Peacock Feathers

    I've always wanted to be a regal sort of bird - falcon, hawk or eagle.........

  23. oktak Says:
  24. Rowena, I could not resist - must enter your giveaway :)
    My favorite is the moonberry. It's modern & elegant. A close second is the poppy central - gorgeous colors!

    If not human, I'd like to be a cat. I love their independence, I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think attitude, and of course, their outright cuteness :)

  25. Kristin Says:
  26. Your clutches are beyond gorgeous! My favorite is your electric blue boom - luxury clutch bag.

    Hmmm, I'd be a bird so that I can fly.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.


  27. M. B. Karger Says:
  28. Woo Hoo for you and your new blog! It's lovely!

    I adore your RRR originals - the Sparkle Pod clutch being my absolute fave. I remember doing a bunch of "sun-prints" when I was a kid and this clutch reminds me of those so much.

    If I could, I'd love to be either a wild mustang or my lazy, old pup.

  29. This is still my favorite
    It is the same one I had included in the Treasury about a week or so ago. I just love it and the contrasting lining is so luxurious :)
    If I wasn't human, I would be an Adelie penguin. They are loyal creatures who fly through water - best of both worlds.

    SarahBeeCreations (Etsy)

  30. Sara Says:
  31. I love ALL of these! If I were going to pick one for my wedding next summer, my fav would be the "copper beech." Very classy!

    I think I'd have to join the crowd and be a cat, living a stress free life and sunning at the windows of life.

  32. Leila Marvel Says:
  33. Hello! Let's see my favorite is the original Red Ruby Rose clutch, I'm a fan of red but this particular clutch reminded me of my beloved grandmother Sarah Elizabeth, she used to have a garden with many roses, but the one in particular that she cherished was the Queen Elizabeth rose. This purse reminds me of her essence.

    If I wasn't a human, I would love to be a platypus, they are just so darn cute, its the best of both worlds; part duck, beaver tailed, venomous and otter footed. I could go on land and water, they are just so odd, like me.

  34. Aveen Says:
  35. I think I like Peacock Palace, but it's a very hard choice.

    I would be my cat Elvis. He spends his entire day sleeping in our bed, under the duvet, and all evening slobbing around, watching TV and being spoilt. It's the perfect life!

  36. Heard about your new blog on Twitter :)
    Love the look of your "Coral Poppy" design.
    And to answer your 2nd question -- I'd be a bird so that I could get a bird's eyeview anytime ;-)

  37. These are all so beautiful, it is hard to name a favorite, at the moment it is the Watercolor Orchid because I'm despirate for spring (it is still cold in NNY!). If I could be any other creature I'd be a Mourning Dove, a pair nested on my front portch last year, and had two little eggs that hatched. I've been in love with them ever since. Oh, and they mate for life and the male and female take turns sitting on the eggs 24/7 - now that is the way it is supposed to be - if only human husbands were the same!


  38. fioretta Says:
  39. All of your clutches are gorgeous, but I think I love the Cocoa Belle the most at the moment - love the little sparkle you've added!

    I think I'd most like to be a seal. They've always struck me as cute, and I'd love to be able to swim all day.

  40. Lime green stencil bloom silk-lined clutch bag is my FAVORITE! I love it to pieces!

    If I weren't human I would like to be a dog because they lay around all day and relax and get fed. Thats all I need!

    Rowena, you have an AMAZING etsy shop and I love every item in your shop! Awesome job and thank you for hosting this giveaway :)

  41. I am loving the "Raindrop" clutch and I would have to say if I could be any creature it would be a yorkshire terrior so I could be best friends with my little yorkie Charlotte!

  42. carollai Says:
  43. wow. there are too many wonderful ones. i like the lime green chartreuse one as well as the bamboo one. if i weren't human i'd like to be a dog. you're loved so fully and life is pretty darn easy. :)

    reach me via
    also, check out my blog for a current promo...

  44. Oh my gosh, I can't decide! I looove your shop, and your new blog! I would love to have any of your lovely clutches, especially any with birds or branches/trees. I've also had a thing for the house plans clutches for quite some time now, I adore that fabric! If I am to win I will have the most difficult time deciding.

    If I had to be something other than a human, I would probably be a tropical fish of some sort. They come in such beautiful colors and interesting shapes and get to hang around the reef all day.

    aka kristinfriesen on etsy

  45. Oh geez to pick only one clutch. I think I love them all but if I had to choose one right this second it would be Fiery velvet Chrysanthemum - silk-lined clutch bag.

    If I could be any creature I would either be an invisible creature or a beautiful bird of some sort. Sorry I picked two :)

  46. Anonymous Says:
  47. omg, they're all gorgeous, but I love "The Oak" leather clutch.
    If I weren't human, I would love to be a dolphin. Because I love the water and they are smart, graceful and fun!
    Thanks for the oppotunity

  48. Unknown Says:
  49. If I absolutely MUST pick (which is torturous!) I'd say Ivory velvet Chrysanthemum is my favourite. Though I've changed this answer about 5 times already! if I weren't human...I guess I'd be a pegasus. I could run really fast AND fly!

    You have a stunning shop, and I love your stuff - can't wait to follow your new blog!

  50. dev Says:
  51. Your clutches are fantastic!

    I'm having a hard time choosing between the Quicksilver poppy, the Coral poppy, the Cherry blossom, the Ivory velvet Chrysanthemum, and the Yellow velvet Chrysanthemum. Right now the Yellow velvet Chrysanthemum is winning.

    And I'd be a horse -- a shiny, black horse. :)

  52. Goesturbo Says:
  53. I love the Blue Chrysanthemum! Gorgeous!

    If I wasn't human I would be a pegasus.. flying horse? Who could resist? :)

  54. HJ Says:
  55. Hi Rowena ~ your clutches are just stunning, I had a very very difficult time chosing a favourite!

    a. my favourite is Teal Peacock, followed very very closely by fiery poppy and probably six or seven others... *grin*

    b. if I wasn't human I'd be...... a redwood tree [in the redwood forrest just outside of San Fran... I visited there recently - beautiful!!] They are tall, strong, majestic, wise and very long living!

    Many thanks for the entry!
    hollyjae [@] gmail dot com

  56. I love ALL of your clutches. But right at this moment I think that Coral Poppy is my fav. and I have just the outfit for it :)

    If I wasn't human, I would be a cat cause then I would be able to sit around my house and do very little and it would be expected.

  57. Emily Says:
  58. Definitely the Citrus Stripe because it matches my wedding dress and I still haven't found a bag (I'm getting married in June and am actually not moving too terribly far from you - to Salisbury). :)

    Hmm...I think I'd like to be a hippo. I could lounge around, eat all I want and never be offended when someone said, "You're as big as hippo" because, you know, I would actually *be* a hippo. :)

    Congrats on the new blog!

  59. laura Says:
  60. a) mossy drop - silk-lined clutch bag

    b) a dolphin so i could swim fast in the ocean!

  61. Oh such pretties!

    I'm finding the silver silk peacock feathers luxury clutch adorable!

    If I were an animal, a peacock would be a choice. The ladies are called peahens, and they are courted by those handsome peacocks (check out this super cute youtube: )

    Victoria Secret Models on the Runway have NOTHING on that cute strut and set of sexy feathers!

  62. Canyon Girl Says:
  63. Oh I love your new blog! And, of course, you know I love your shop. My favorite item in your shop is the Beautiful Butterfly Clutch. But I really love everything you create.

    If I could be any creature other than a human, I think I'd like to be a cat.


  64. Jill Says:
  65. I love everything in your store, but my favorite is the boughs and branches.
    If I could be any animal I would be a sea otter because they are so cute and serene.

  66. Unknown Says:
  67. Your shop is absolutely lovely! It's nearly impossible to pick just one favorite, but if I had to, I'd say the peony. It's beautiful!

    I'd be a dolphin because I'd love to travel the sea and be free!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    Erika (

  68. Oh goodness, it was impossible to narrow down to a favorite.. but I think I'll go with the Silver silk peacock feathers - luxury clutch bag. It is GORGEOUS! but everything in your shop is amazing.

    And like you, I would want to be an eagle for their majestic soaring abilities!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway and welcome to blogger! looking forward to reading more. :)


  69. Christina Says:
  70. Hi!
    1-I like Yellow seedheads silk-lined clutch bag. I really like yellow right now! All are so great though, it was hard to choose only one favorite. :)

    2-I'd like to be a dryad(tree nypmh) as portrayed in the Chronicles of Narnia books. A flowery kind. You didn't say it had to actually exist and I just love Narnia too much. :)

    Congrats on your new blog!

  71. Steph Says:
  72. Congrats on starting a blog! It is an adventure!

    I find it nearly impossible to pick just one favorite. I had a wonderful time imagining the outfit I would wear with each one as I scrolled through.
    If I have to pick one favorite, it is this one:
    but I love all the poppies, too.

    Today, I would like to be a sea otter, rolling around on the waves with my kids.

  73. Lory Says:
  74. Hi Rowena!
    So glad to see you've started a blog!

    I'm still in love with my silk peacock clutch and coin purse. All of your work is just lovely. =)

    Right now, my favorite would have to be the pink and green silk blossoms clutch. I love its vintage feel. I also adore all of your bags made with your own original photographs.

    If I could be any animal, I'd love to be a cat for a day. First of all, I LOVE cats (I have SIX!) and I've always wondered what it would be like to see the world from their perspective.

    Thanks for the opportunity - looking forward to reading more of your blog. ♥

  75. Janelle Says:
  76. oh my goodness, darn Nicole at Lillyella for posting this. I'm in love and on a spending freeze until I move and get my new house painted. Should be unfrozen mid May. :)

    I love, love, love all of your clutches, and since I can't pick my top 1, I'll tell you my top of your shop (in no order)

    Pink and Green Silk
    Ivory Bloom
    Lime Green Stencil
    Pods - Medium
    Ruby Silk Starburst
    Ivory Velvet Crysanthemum
    Cherry Blossom
    Yellow Velvet Crysanthemum

    oh my goodness, I so hope I win!!!

    And If I wasn't human, I would like to be a hummingbird.

    jando_27 at hotmail dot com

  77. Kaylin Keres Says:
  78. Hi:) I love your breezy tulip clutch! Your designs are so beautiful and fresh.

    I would totally be my cat olivia. She lives like a queen:)

  79. Unknown Says:
  80. I love that you have a blog! I have wanted one of your clutches forever! My favorite is the Rosa Noir. If I could be any non-human creature? Hmmm. I would be a, wild, good hunter, sleeps all day (in a tree), very mysterious, and great hair...I mean fur. Pick me! Oh oh, pick me!

    Chick 9 Clothing

  81. babalisme Says:
  82. How do you do Rowena, I really like your blog and your shop! I can't pick one, actually, but if you insist, I'd probably want Ivory bloom clutch to hang on to.

    I wasn't a human, I want to be a whale, I want to be huge and not afraid of anything for a change! I'm 5 ft 3 soo... I'd like to be huge!

  83. marian Says:
  84. the bags are all so gorgeous. but I especially love the Ray clutch and have been anxiously visiting it since it was posted in December, hoping no one buys it before I can afford it.

    I'd like to be a bee, mostly because I'm really curious about what a bee's mind is like. bees are amazing navigators (which I decidedly am not) and can dance to tell other bees where to find honey (I also can't dance in a non-embarrassing way). for little bugs they are quite sophisticated.

  85. pearlswirl Says:
  86. Rowena,

    what a lovely opportunity to win something lovely while expressing creativity!

    I absolutely adore the pink and green silk blossoms-- I'm talking ADORE.

    And if I could be an animal, I think I'd have to be a ladybug. I always believed that they were lucky, and I would adore to spread around some luck by landing on different people. Then I'd subtly follow them (a ladybug can fit anywhere, you know) to make sure the luck worked. And if it did work, I'd reveal myself to them, so they would know it was me who created some good luck for them!

    Can't wait til the winner is revealed!

  87. Nina Says:
  88. The Ivory velvet Chrysanthemum clutch is absolutely stunning! I would love to be a cat if I weren't human! Just having those gorgeous features and killer vision would be so great!

    Great giveaway!

  89. KristaR Says:
  90. I have been an admirer of your clutches for a long time. It is really difficult to pick a favorite - they are all beautiful. I am quite smitten with the Cheryy Blossom clutch.

    And, I think I would make a fabulous mermaid!


  91. Arctida Says:
  92. Congrats on your new blog!
    I looove you "Red Ruby Rose" :)

    If I was an animal I'd like to be a panther or a leopard. That grace and agility...OMG... and they do sleep a lot too :D

  93. Sydney Says:
  94. I really love the Yellow seedheads silk-lined clutch bag and the light blue silk lining is gorgeous (I've also been eying your silver peacock bag forever)

    I'd be a flying squirrel, they get to scurry around and "fly," does it get any better then that?

  95. Nicole Says:
  96. I love your Silk Starburst Luxury Clutch. Actually, I love them all!

    If I had to be something other than human, I think I'd have to be a puppy dog, but most importantly, a dog living with a happy family!

  97. Becky Says:
  98. I love all your clutches! The ethereal flower has been a long time favorite:

    Lemme first I wanted to say that I'd be a bird so I could fly, but I'm seriously afraid of heights. So something feline, like a cat. I could run fast and go up in high places w/out going too high :-)

  99. Hello! Says:
  100. Lime green stencil bloom silk-lined clutch bag is my favorite!

    If I wasn't a human, I would like to be a cute and beautiful house cat... eat, sleep and being adored whole day. LOL

  101. Andromache Says:
  102. Hi!
    its so hard to pick which one I prefer.
    I will give a list...I hope its acceptable:
    stencil chrysanthemum
    Somerset ferns
    teal peacock!

    I'm really into the nature prints now hahaha

    as for the animal, I would have to be a....lynx! I like cats, but I wanted to be something different!

  103. Andromache Says:
  104. ps my etsy username DominiqueD

  105. Jingle Says:
  106. I love the Ray clutch! It is very pretty! I would like to be a wolf. They are strong, yet gentle and beautiful. They can take care of themselves, and yet still be so graceful! I love that!

  107. Hi :) Your clutches are fabulous!! I think that my favorite one is the citrus stripe
    but geez it was awful hard to pick *grin*. Great giveaway and thanks for letting me enter :)
    Congrats on the new blog!

  108. I like the Silver Peacock one because I had peacock feathers beside me when my daughter was born. I like Rebecca's idea of being a seahorse. That way my husband would get to be pregnant for a change!

  109. Oh gosh! Pick just one? This was hard, but since I'm in the spring spirit this one (Hot Stripe) is my favorite at the moment.

    I think I would be a bird. I would never have to bum rides, catch a bus, or pay for gas. I would just fly to where I need to go:)

    (oh, I heard about this contest on Twitter. Tortillagirl tweeted about it)


  110. Denise Says:
  111. thank you for 1. sharing your etsy favorites -- sometimes my eye doesn't know where to land on etsy -- i can spend hours gazing; 2. for generously having a contest. i think my favorite is the red silk starburst. The color represents love, energy, and most importantly, hope. the design is beautifully chosen to bring out the best of the fabric.
    while I'd love to soar as a hawk or an owl, i would choose to be a sheep. then i could offer up my coat to the knitters/spinners of the world!

  112. i'm so pleased to find your lovely new blog rowena; great job!

    my favorites in your shop are the slinky clutches - they're so eye-catching and funky. my favorite color varies, but today it's the blue one.

    i'd want to be a cheetah if i wasn't human; i'd love to know what it's like to be able to move that fast.

  113. JD Says:
  114. a) Sommerset Ferns
    b) a panda :) or koala... I'd like to hang out in the forest and eat all day and be adorable while doing it!

  115. Choosing just one of these gorgeous clutches is impossible! I'll go with "The Oak" because of the name and it's in my basic brown.

    I'd like to be a type of bird, like our native hawks here in the Santa Monica Mountains. To be able to soar through elemental air would be grand.

    Thank you for your beautiful work and this opportunity.

  116. Your shop has been one of my favorites for a long time! What a great giveaway!

    a. my favorite clutch is Fiery velvet Chrysanthemum - silk-lined clutch bag

    b. If I wasn't human I would want to be a mermaid!

    cherryblossomsdesign at hotmail dot com

  117. Anonymous Says:
  118. My favorite clutch is the Ivory Chrysanthemum! Its so classy!

    If I wasn't a human I would want to be a Rabbit.

    RobandKileySmith at hotmail dot com

  119. Anonymous Says:
  120. Rowena,

    Congrats on your blog! Its lovely and so are all your clutches!

    I love the Lillies of the Valley Clutch! Gorgeous!

    Whodamomnj at yahoo dot com

  121. Sherry Says:
  122. My favorite is twig and blossom, although they are all lovely, Rowena.

    I'd love to be a gecko, I'd love to blend in and be under cover.

    Best of luck with your new blog.

  123. mchen Says:
  124. Welcome to blog-world!

    Uhm... choosing just one is tough, but I think it'd have to be the Moonberry design — lovely! For the kajillionth time, you have a gorgeous shop.

    As for the animal question... maybe a dolphin — for the sheer muscle quotient and swimming abilities, plus the cuteness factor.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. mia Says:
  126. Continuing with my love of all things Poppy~the Coral Poopy silk-lined clutch is my fave!

    If I wasn't human I'd be a Sea Horse~they are so beautiful and delicate.

  127. Damaris Says:
  128. oooh! My favorite is the teal peacock! But they are all beautiful. :) If I wasn't a human, I would want to be a sparrow. They are just beautiful birds, and it would be amazing to fly!

  129. kristina Says:
  130. love the Gold Silk Starburst--

    and i think i would be an orca.

  131. Anonymous Says:
  132. It's way too hard to choose just one, so I'll narrow it down to my top 2 favorites:
    -Silk Starburst Luxury
    -Ivory Velvet Chrysanthemum
    They're all gorgeous!

    If I weren't human, I'd like to be a dog, because they always seem so happy and carefree. They can find the fun in anything!

    knittingincircles at yahoo dot com

  133. K. Nice Says:
  134. Wow! It is so hard to pick one! (I had to ♥ your shop!) I love the Fern and fronds.

    I've always wanted to be a hummingbird.


  135. green girl Says:
  136. Your shop is amazing. The choice was so difficult as I fell in love with a new clutch after every click. I love the sweet softness of the cherry blossom clutch.

    If I weren't a human I think I'd choose to be a stingray. They are quite graceful as the swim.

  137. Unknown Says:
  138. Hello! I love your shop. My favorite is the grey silk starburst... because it would be great for my wedding day but is very versitile and could go with just about any outfit for the rest of my life. A truely classic piece.

    If I could be a creature... I would be dog, specifically my dog Wheeler, because I would love to know what his internal monologue is like!

  139. My favorite (and it was SO hard to choose just one) is the Cobalt blue Ginkgo silk-lined clutch bag. It's like a little blue gem!

    If I could be any animal, I'd be a squirrel. They always look like they are having so much fun (in the park, anyway).

  140. I LOVE the coral poppy silk-lined clutch bag! Beautiful. I see several I like. I would love to come up with some exotic animal to be, but a spoiled rotten dog, like one of the two I have, would be the life!!!! Thanks, Bitsy :)

  141. Unknown Says:
  142. I had a hard time picking one, but the Breezy tulips silk-lined clutch bag kept catching my eye- probably because it is my wedding colors. In fact, if I win I would pick that bag and use it in my wedding.

    If I weren't human I would want to be a cat because my cats have brought me SO much joy throughout my life and I would want to do the same.

  143. Bonjour Rowena,

    I am not surprised to see that your blog looks fantastic and is already followed by a crowd of admirers!

    If I have to pick one and only one of your gorgeous clutches, I'll pick the Quicksilver poppy silk-lined clutch because it's the last one I've put in my favorites...

    And if I weren't human, I 'd like to be a butterfly, of course : )


  144. Anonymous Says:
  145. Rowena,

    Wow, your clutches are amazing and I honestly can't pick a favorite so I will randomly say the Cocoa Belle woth any of the peacock feathers as a second. Just gorgeous pieces! I am so glad I saw your shop on Nicole's Lillyella blog.

    I would be a great white because I could enjoy the beauty of the ocean without having to constantly worry about being eaten.


  146. I love your peacock feather clutch. I think I would like to be a cat because mine is the most pampered creature on earth.

  147. Unknown Says:
  148. Ooh! Too many to choose from, but I do love "Classic green and red peacock" clutch--delicious colours!

    And although there are many animals I would like to be, I'd have to say a donkey would be my choice. Who wouldn't want to be cute and kind and infinitely loveable?

  149. so hard to choose!

    1) Lime green stencil

    2) If I weren't human, I would like to be a monkey so I could swing amongst the trees

  150. Jane Naik Says:
  151. Gosh, it's taken me over half an hour to narrow down my favourite (and I'd better type it now befroe I change my mind. Again). Your work is stunning by the way. My current 'lust' clutch is the Moonberry, just gorgeous.

    If I weren't human I think I'd like to be a swallow, darting around looking graceful and enjoying some warm, sunny and utterly beautiful English evenings....

    Very best wishes

  152. Jessica Says:
  153. I love the taupe and teal clutch :)

    If I wasn't human I would want to be a hawk so I can fly - I've always wanted to fly

  154. Heidz Says:
  155. I covet your Dandelion clock clutch, so beautiful!

    If I could be any animal, I would be a phoenix. They are a majestic bird and they never die so I would get to travel constantly and experience the world like I've always wanted to! Ok so maybe it's also the Harry Potter nerd in me...

  156. Jesse Says:
  157. Discovered your shop via a treasury that I was included in, and have just spent a blissful few minutes browsing. I love the Ray clutch - I shy away from bags as being too 'dressy' but this is the perfect combination of simplicity and luxury.

    Animal... chameleon. They seem to spend a lot of time being quiet and just looking at things. And I'm curious about being able to look in two different directions at once.

  158. I think my favorite is the coral poppy one.

    And if I wasn't human I wouldn't mind being a wild horse I think.

  159. Unknown Says:
  160. I love the cobalt blue ginkgo. My love of gingko trees started when my family used have the only gingko tree in our small town. And the lines and the colors are so calming and mellow...something I need more of in my life.

    If I wasn't human I would have to be an eagle because I have to know what it is like to fly.

  161. kjmakes Says:
  162. Okay this is really hard as you have soooo many lovely bags to choose from I've narrowed it down to the two I have had an eye on for some time now....Polaroid pod/Sparkle pod and my fav out the two would be Sparkle Pod but only because I have to choose one.

    As for the animal...ummm a camp big cat of some sort, but fierce at the same time, contradition or what. Or perhaps a whale shark.


  163. LW Says:
  164. Lovely clutches - I'm drooling over the Ethereal Flower clutch!

    If I could be an animal I would definitely want to be my cocker spaniel, Steeley. He's so pampered and loved - I think that would be the life!

  165. Jen(nnn) Says:
  166. Oh! So many entries! How will you be picking the winner? May 1st can't come soon enough. :)

  167. Lucilia Says:
  168. It's difficult to pick one but my current favorite would be the Silk starburst clutch bag.

    If I weren't human I think I would like to be a therapy dog. We are currently coping with a member of our family who is suffering with the final stages of cancer. If there was something I could do to help him cope and bring comfort I wish I could.

    By the way you are my idol (my husband laughs when I say that).

    Thank you,

    Boneca Linda. Etsy

  169. Anonymous Says:
  170. The silk starburst design is my favorite. It's elegant and sleek, which I am often not.

    I would be a humpback whale, singing my beautifully eerie songs and knowing the mysteries of the deep darkness.

    silvr526 at

  171. Fabiola Says:
  172. All your bags are beautiful and if I win, no matter which one, I will proudly show it off to all my friends!

    a) I will have to say that my all time favorite is the Peacock palace!!! Just the fact that is an original and unique creation, makes it look more royal and sophisticated.

    b) If I weren't a human, I would be a swan because in many cultures and religions has a spiritual meaning.

    I am crossing my fingers ...


  173. Kelly Says:
  174. I'm in LOVE with the peacock! I just bought a couple shirts with the feathers...wouldn't it just be perfect together!?!

    However, I'd much rather be a wild horse. I love that song by Natasha and I love to run with my hair (mane) blowing.

  175. Dianna Says:
  176. Congratulations on your new blog!
    You have so many beautiful bags, choosing just one is so hard. I think I've narrowed it down to the Raindrops one, but I'm sure when I look again later, it will change!

    If I were an animal I think I'd be a goat - they are my all time favourite animal and whenever I take my daughter to the farm, we always discuss if we could smuggle one home with us (which she always thinks we could!)

  177. Mandy Says:
  178. My favorite is the Chartreuse Peony. Chartreuse and teal are my favorite colors (love the lining color!) and I had Peonies in by wedding bouquet.

    If I wasn't human I would be a Devon Rex cat... they get to sleep in, hang out all day, are super playful and are the cutest cats ever!

  179. Congrats on your new blog! Your work is beautiful!
    I love the Moonberry silk-lined clutch bag.

    If I weren't human I'd like to be a kitty cat so that I could do whatever I pleased

  180. Unknown Says:
  181. It has to be your bird on a wire bag - beautiful colour and design.

    I would choose to be a snail because I like life at a slow pace and I think their beauty is something which many people don't but should appreciate.

  182. Loving the blog thus far :) So hard to choose but I think it has to be the coral poppy - lush fabric and delicious lining! I'd quite like to be an owl, the flying and being able to turn my head all the way round would be pretty darn cool.

  183. Nat Says:
  184. 10 MILLION POUNDS!! Okay, that was just to get your attention. I adore your Rosa Noir silk-lined clutch bag - gorgeous! And it goes with everything.
    As for what animal I'd be... hmm... I think I would be beautiful manta ray gliding through the ocean.
    Good luck with the blog! xx

  185. Anonymous Says:
  186. They are all stunning but my favourite is the Starburst cascade clutch bag, it's so stylish.

    If I was an animal it would have to be a tortoise because I generally move slowly and I'd love to sleep through the winter!

    Amy x

  187. Sarah Says:
  188. I love this bag:
    I love the contrasting block colors. If I wasn't human, I'd love to be a cat, to lounge around all day long getting tons of cuddles! It looks like an easy life! But then I guess, cats don't get to buy purses, so maybe being human is more fun!

  189. Unknown Says:
  190. Hello!
    Your clutches are so beautiful! My favourite is Golden seedhead- its very modern and elegant! And love the combination of black and gold.

    If I wasn't human I would like to be a cat. I think cats have amazing life-they sleep all day long, have a great night life, get cuddles and regular meals :o) I would also love to be a bird but I'm scared of highs- so thats not good. (+they get chased by cats).

    But if I was a cat I wouldn't chase birds :)

  191. You have some wonderful things - but my favourite is the classic Liberty peacock, such beautiful colours and a Liberty print too!

    If I wasn't human, I would probably be a cat. It can't be too bad relaxing and drinking milk all day! :)

  192. Gillian Says:
  193. Just popped by via Bugs and Fishes by Lupin. I love your On the wing clutch - amazing! So I think I would be a bird - a little busy garden bird enjoying the warming weather.

  194. I love your work and especially all your 'peacock' clutches. My favourite is "Peacock Palace" ♥

    I would most definately be a mermaid and swim around warm oceans visiting a new island every day : )

    Do enter my giveaway too!!

  195. Sylvie Says:
  196. Waowww

    Your clutch bags are sooo beautiful they do not look real!!!

    I have about 10 favourite items, and among them the Blue Chrysanthemum!

    Very nice work!


  197. Sylvie Says:
  198. I forgot the second question :/

    I would rather to be a cloud :)

  199. bethan009 Says:
  200. My favourite is the black and white Bird on a Branch with the blue lining - just scrumptious!

    If I wasn't human I'd like to be an owl, because they can turn their heads all the way around.


  201. Anonymous Says:
  202. Hi there. Great first post!

    My fav of your clutches is On The Wing – very pretty and looks like it could be used day and night.

    As for what I'd be if I wasn't human... I'd like to be a Red Panda. Then I could lounge around all day, snacking and dozing – and would look cute doing it!

  203. oooooohhhhh!!!! what a LUSH lot of clutches you have in your shop!!! I simply adored the Teal peacock one... ooooh so scrummy yummy!!!
    It is one of my favourite colours and my favourite ever bird.

    So I guess it comes as no surprise that I would want to be a peacock! there is no other bird (or creature) of such beauty and I would love to always be so colourful and decadent!

    Oooooh! I'm so excited now!

  204. Lisa Says:
  205. Have been a fan for some time - all your clutches are so lovely. I've hearted a couple of them, and it's so hard to pick just one, but if I have to narrow it down - my favorite is:

    Nostalgic peony & lily-of-the-valley.

    If I had to be something other than human, I'd probably want to be a fairy, as fairies have some excellent fashion choices available to them.

    Excited about your new blog - wishing you good luck and continued success!

  206. n i l e e y Says:
  207. I love all your clutches, but if I have to choose, it's got to be the Coral poppy clutch.

    I would like to be a bird, free to fly and see the world from a different perspective :)

  208. Tara... Says:
  209. ooh lovely lovely clutches!
    my favourite would have to be classic liberty peacock - such wonderful colours!
    i would have to be a cat - such a snuggley, lazy existance :) x

  210. Ananaw! Says:
  211. congratulations on your new blog! I'm going to open one very soon, and it's very hard to start! It was very difficult for me to pick just one, my first choise would be "Ruby silk starburst luxury clutch bag", but really doubting between that one and the "candy buttons".
    Animal? I have to say a Cat, they are delicate but strong, misterious, beautiful, and they have 7 lifes!!!!

  212. Wow - beautiful bags. After much deliberation I think my favourite one has to be the Sparkle Pod bag ( Absolutely gorgeous.

    As for the second question, my immediate thought was an aubergine!! I have no idea why. Anyway, given that idea is completely ridiculous I think I will go for being a bee. I'd love to spend all my time pottering around amongst the flowers and making sweet honey :o)

  213. Anonymous Says:
  214. hi rowena,

    i'm the proud owner of two of your clutches and they are absolutely amazing! i'd love to add a new one to the lot.

    a) if i had to pick a new favourite from your store it would be 'silk bubbles' -- fun, quirky and yet elegant.

    b) if i weren't a human, i would be a lioness on the african sahara -- the embodiment of strength, grace and cunning.

    my best,

  215. flowerpress Says:
  216. Well unsurprisingly its the graphic flowers that really appeal to me. I've been coveting your purses since I first saw them.
    for ages.
    a. Chartreuse peony, love the flower love the colour.
    b. Never really thought of this but I think dog. Then I might get that spot next to the heater!

  217. June Shin Says:
  218. I'm so excited that you're blogging now. It's so hard to choose a favorite, but I think it would have to be the latte bloom clutch.

    Hmm, if I weren't human, I'd like to be a mermaid with long flowing hair and see all the wonders of the sea.

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  219. oh Says:
  220. Hi there

    It has got to be the beautiful blue 'bird on a wire' bag. I like the starlings expression and have always like to combine blue and black.

    I have always told people who ask that I wouldn't mind being a sheep. This is due to a combination of being raised on a sheep farm and watching the lambs outside my bedroom window each morning but also the the calm this animal has in the flock - a peaceful animal.

    Chris put me on to you here - I like his work very much too!

    (if you are curious some of my work is at

    best wishes

  221. I totally love the Two swans.
    What more can be sweeter than a lifetime of love? (:

    I'd like to be a dolphin if i wasnt human.Their considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals, and also they are friendly and help even humans in times of need. Oh better still if a PINK dolphin! Their so pretty~ Plus being in water is much better than on land, the weather is getting unbearable over here haha!

    Love, Lorraine

  222. Unknown Says:
  223. Hello
    Goodness - lovely lovely. But on reflection - it did take a while I think Roas Blue.
    And today I'd like to be a soaring eagle please!

  224. Anonymous Says:
  225. The gold peacock, and if I weren't human i just might be a peacock. Imagine wearing those feathers all day long, waiting for a chance to flash your friends!

    Margie Stroman

  226. Ruth Says:
  227. I love your bags - I've been lusting after them on etsy for ages

    I think my favorite is the Somerset seedhead although I love all the nature inspired ones.

    I think I would like to be a giraffe - would be wonderful to live all the time in the warm and the sun and I've always wanted longer legs!

  228. Jennifer Says:
  229. Hello! I love your clutches - they are all so beautiful! My favorite is the golden silk peacock clutch. I plan to buy it for my wedding...among a few others I've got my eye on!

    If I were to be an animal, it would be a thoroughbred mare...graceful, gorgeous and powerful - as all women are! :)

    Thank you!

  230. a) OK, so it is extremely hard to pick a favorite, because I like so many of them. It pains me to have to choose! But if I must pick, I'd say my favorite clutch is the Golden seedhead. It is just the right balance between casual and a little more fancy that I feel I could use it often! :)

    b) If I could be any creature, I would be a kangaroo, because I would be cute and I would get to live in beautiful Australia. Carrying my baby around in my pouch sounds cozy. A great life!

  231. 1-I love the blue Bird on a wire clutch!

    2-If I wasn't human, I'd love to be a bird because my sweet little 15 month old grandson points at them, smiles, and says "buddy". A blue bird, actually.


  232. Anonymous Says:
  233. I have been following your etsy store forever, trying to justify buying one of your beautiful clutches.

    My favorite is still this chrysanthemum beauty. I love how timeless it looks and the lovely gentle steely blue lining sets it off perfectly.

    I thought a lot about the not-a-human question, then realized that everything i want to be would have a sh*tty life because of the effect of humans. Ideally it would be great to be an independent animal that didn't have to rely on someone else for their happiness (like pets do), has freedom and a great habitat (increasingly rare).

    I guess i would love to be a falcon or eagle living on some high, lonely cliff somewhere so I could lazily surf the thermal waves all day.

  234. Crafty Koala Says:
  235. Hmmm...the silver silk peacock feather clutch is gourgeous!

    I don't think I'd like to be a peacock though. Maybe a West highland terrier belonging to a kindly old lady. Lots of ear scratching and tasty treats for me!!!

    Clare xx

    P.s. I'm visiting your blog after seeing it on Lupin's blog.

  236. Liz Says:
  237. Hi Rowena,

    I love your clutch named Carnival Candy because those colors are so my bag!

    If I were not human, I'd like to be a flamingo because they are so outrageous and unusual and because they have really long legs.

  238. Anonymous Says:
  239. Hi Rowena! My favorite clutch is the one I already own, of course!(Japanese fabric with "pods")

    Wow, choose one... that's tough, but I'm going with "fiery poppy".

    And if I wasn't human, I'd like to be my dog... now she's got the life!


  240. Elz Says:
  241. I honestly can't choose one, my favorites are the carnival candy, Cocoa Belle, and SparklePod. If I wasn't human I'd be a dolphin and get to swim all day along the greatest beaches.