Full steam ahead

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, November 9, 2012 1 comments

Putting this troubled year behind me, finally I feel that I'm fully back in making-mode, and lots of new clutches are springing forth from my studio. This new collection features a slimmer purse and frame style and I've combined leather and fabric to add tactile and visual contrasts. These are limited edition as I'm not sure I can get more of the delightful Japanese frames, plus it's nice to make quirky one-offs rather than a production line of identical bags.

They have their own slim gift box too. The rose and herringbone design below features an original printed leather panel contrasting with the woven stripe print, and lined in polkadot.


This ethereal flower clutch again features original printed leather, this time as a base trim and is lined in blue silk. It would be lovely for a winter or woodland wedding.

If you go down to the woods today

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, October 10, 2012 0 comments

One of my favourite places to walk is Ashton Hill woods. Half way along the forest trail is a Giant Sequoia grove. Every time I reach this point I take a great big breath and marvel that this spot is only a few minutes drive from the centre of Bristol. It's a magical place come rain or shine.

Last week this deer scampered across the trail and stood to watch for a few moments before crashing off into the undergrowth. The leaves are taking longer to turn and drop this year but soon the Autumn display will be in full show.

Reflecting on this year

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, October 4, 2012 0 comments

No blogging of late, and now October has arrived I've realised how little energy I've put in to broadcasting activities and other life events. The last few months have been a time of reflection, and although I'm still loving Red Ruby Rose  (in fact it has kept me going day to day) I haven't felt the need to talk about it. Maybe not the wisest way to sustain a micro-business but these things can't be forced.

Family events have cast a long shadow over this year and I realise I have retreated inwards to cope with it all. I ditched my social networking, got myself the sweetest little puppy dog and have been putting much of my energy into keeping up with his goofy antics and getting out into the fresh air.

Now I've got a nice life/work balance back I'm back online with my Red Ruby Rose facebook page and have been stocking up my Etsy shop with lots of new designs. It's so nice to be finding my feet again.... with Paddy pup by my side.

Peacock giveaway

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Monday, May 21, 2012 0 comments

Sweet Violet Bride are hosting a giveaway of this clutch this week, please do pop across for a chance of winning!


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Here's my new Butterflies clutch, with the design guided by a lovely bride-to-be who requested a lighter background than the original Morpho Butterfly clutch, and also more butterflies on the print. I couldn't resist printing a few extras for the shop - very limited edition.
Also, back in stock are my Arrows and Elephants prints, summery fun.

Spring cleaning

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, April 11, 2012 0 comments

Spring is here, and with it comes new growth and a good spring clean. I'm clearing out some older stock lines to make way for new designs and that means a sale. Selected Etsy stock is down to $55 from $85, take a look at the sale section.

Houseplans clutch, reduced from $85 to $55.

Falling down a rabbit hole and other stories

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, March 17, 2012 9 comments

Mum and Dad stepping out in 1962

Tumbleweeds have been blowing around this blog of late. On January 16th my Dad died suddenly and the whirlwind of grief and shock are only now starting to level out. He was a wonderful man, an inspiration in so many ways, not least because he turned his back on a perfectly acceptable but dull 9-5 job to follow his heart and become self-employed. Risky in the 1980's with three children still at school but he made it a success. He understood the merits of patience, and of hard work, of listening, and teaching.

His easy manner and straightforward, practical nature, has actually made my mourning easier to deal with but I know it's early days. Friends have warned me that grief is an unpredictable and strange creature that can whip round and smack at surprising moments, and I have appreciated the wise words from those who have told me to give it time and not rush into quick decisions or sudden changes.

Having said that I have felt the need to shed a skin, and certain things have fallen by the wayside. The constant white noise of Facebook has been one of the casualties as it suddenly seemed so superficial when I craved a deeper connection. Certain friends have stepped forward and moved me with their kind support and actions, which has made me realise how inadequate a support I may have been in the past.

Now my priorities lie with my nearest and dearest. I'm currently caring for my Mum who has been unwell and am taking as much time out as I can without completely taking my eye off the ball. One of the benefits of being away from my studio is being in the countryside, enjoying the sky and woods and the slow creep of the seasons. I'm taking pleasure in the small things, the blossom bud from the small orchard Dad planted, and the amazing bulbs and flowers which are changing every week.

A huge thanks again to everyone who has been in touch the last couple of months, and here's hoping the tumbleweeds and rabbit holes will pass soon.

New Year

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, January 4, 2012 3 comments

Happy New Year! Thought I'd start things off here by making a few leather clutches. Clockwise from left, the Oak, Serpentine, and Pearlfisher. I like this simple sleek shape and will make a few more this week.

Also, a larger style bag in this unusual embroidered silk, in an ikat style.