Wallet clutches with wristlets, featuring original prints

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, March 27, 2015

Recently I've been pouring lots of energy into updated product lines and ideas. I think it's the sea air! Finally I have the first range of new wallet clutches to share. I have used these sweet metal clasps before as a standard wallet but I wanted a slightly different shape and style so I flipped them to the base of the bag so it opens like an envelope clutch. Inside there is a slip pocket and a zip compartment. Zips! I conquered my irrational fear of the little blighters.
Rivets hold the compartments together and there are eyelets at the top so a wristlet or chain handle can be added.

Oystercatcher wallet clutch, £42 at RedRubyRose.com

There are 18 designs, a mixture of existing prints and some new ones too.