Bristol night life

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, February 12, 2010

from left to right, musician Howlin' Lord, Heather who runs indie club night Big Pink Cake, Thom from band The Kick Inside, Alex from band The Kick Inside

An odd thing has happened since I got my new camera - I've suddenly become interested in taking photographs of people. In the past I'd be far more interested in taking snaps of a wall or pattern in a place rather than the people who inhabit the space (partly out of shyness) but I'm overcoming this reticence and becoming a bit more bold about shoving a camera in friend's faces. Also, the interesting thing about shooting with film is that you're capturing a secret... you can't instantly share the results on the camera back and therefore don't get said friend screaming at you to delete it because they don't like how it looks. Sneaky!


  1. baahar Says:
  2. I'm now following your blog and also hearted your shop :)

    I have no particular fav joke, but I do love jokes by P.G.Wodehouse .. they come so unexpected within the narrative that you laugh out loud:

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