Missed it again

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow, trying to purchase one of knitalatte's beautiful covered crochet stones is akin to stalking down a treasury on a dial-up connection with a wind-up imac. I've tried about four times now.... Margie has even sent me tip offs as to when she's listing but it's either in the dead of night when I'm asleep (damn the UK time difference) or as in last night, gone before my very eyes.

Last night I even double-checked the EST time v GMT so I knew I had to wait up until 1am (or so I thought) so I pootled round the web, checked some blogs, visited the shop again at 12.30 to loiter and lo and behold I'd missed the party. There was only one left... all the others had been listed and sold. The only reason I didn't purchase the one left is it wasn't quite the one I wanted and I didn't want to deny someone else if that was their favourite. Needless to say it had sold by today.

I need to brush up on my time-keeping and detective work to bag one of these beauties.


  1. There are certain things I have given up on...one of them is owning something from knitalatte! I am no good at time differences, or staying awake for them! I have kind of figured out that if it is meant to be....I will miraculously be unable to sleep and be browsing at the exact time they're listed!

  2. kristina Says:
  3. She seems to be listing some stones right now (Friday, 11.45 in the US, East Coast).

    Thanks for introducing me to Knitalatte---I'm just taking peeks at her work right now (and am very inspired by the artwork on your clutches).