News from the potting shed....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's fair to say I've been like a bear chewing a wasp this week. Everything work and house-wise has been on hold until finally today my neck-strain eased enough to function again. Phew! I had a shuffle round the garden and finally checked on all the plants I recently planted or have been nurturing. Most stuff is fairing OK and just needed a really good drink.

The sweetcorn looks great, it's growing strongly and doesn't seem to have minded a few days of drought. Tomatoes were sulking but have perked up. Basil is taking an age to do anything, diva of the herb world that it is. Unfortunately the sad specimen below is what's left of a cucumber seedling. One sniff of that delicacy and the local snail population of South Bristol have descended and made a tasty snack of it.

The Ranunculus is a little windswept but still blooming - love that red against the yellow paintwork.

Geraniums need potting up, another job to add to the list.

The Anemones seem to have been avoided by the marauding munchers so far.

I'm going to be spending a lot more time in the garden this year, as part of a promise I made myself after spending the last twelve months in near-constant work mode. It's hard getting the balance right but hopefully I'm on the right track now. Bring on the sunshine!


  1. Moondoonie Says:
  2. Is that cilantro? Whatever it is, it looks yummy. It's fun trying to find ways to create, garden & enjoy family time. Sometimes I combine is all so I can have it all! Yippee!

  3. Chris Kidd Says:
  4. Is there no end to your talents? Show off. I have a pet cabbage in a pot in my flat.
    Maybe see you on the arts trail (if you have time).
    Glad the neck is easing. Nasty.!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. i know what you mean, it's so hard for me to find the right balance and do all of the things i love, plus all of the chores that must be done.
    love, love the ranunculas!