What a difference a week makes

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Sunday, May 31, 2009

What is it about working for yourself and not taking holidays? I'm not so good at taking a break - not because I'm a workaholic or don't enjoy putting my feet up but because I think there's an underlying feeling that as a self-employed person I already have my cake and thoroughly enjoy eating it. However, I think I'd begun to forget the value of switching off, recharging and getting a fresh perspective.

The last few days spent in Wester Ross have been idyllic. I'd forgotten how beautiful and haunting the West Coast of Scotland is and the combination of celebrating Robbie's birthday, visiting old haunts and exploring new places was intoxicating (and that's not even taking into account the heady malt whisky).

It's hard to capture the sheer majesty and scale of the West Coast. I took a few fruitless snapshots of landscapes but had more fun homing in on the little details like the drifts of pink thrift clinging to the rocky shorelines, beautiful and unexpected bog-dwelling plants and the intense colour of bracken after a rainstorm.

What the photos couldn't capture were the startling and delightful sound of skylarks, chirruping and twittering as they hovered overhead, the cuckoo that started calling at 3am and carried on relentlessly throughout the day, the swifts swooping along the beach hoovering up sandflies and other tasty morsels. They can't summon up the salty smack from the fresh scallops served at the Badachro inn , the refreshing pint of 80 shilling at the Glenelg or the genuine warmth and hospitality shown us by Trudy at South Erradale B&B. But, these pictures give a taster of a wonderful few days.

Thrift at Badachro

Thrift at Badachro with bay in background

Delicate star-like bog plants by the roadside

Bracken fronds unfurling after a rainstorm, rainbow in background

Cotton plant with backdrop of Torridon

An ancient iron age Broch at Glenelg

Ubiquitous sign with additional shot-gun holes - target practice.

Unfurling bracken frond

Underwater rock pool photo

Underwater rock pool photo

Sundew plant on peat bog at the wonderfully-named hamlet of Mellon Udrigle

Robbie at Red Point

The view from the road leaving Poolewe

Stunning road leading down to Lochcarron

Glenelg to Skye ferry point

Treacherous cove

striking window

Robbie at Red Point


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Oh just gorgeous!
    I've been aching to visit Great Britain since I was a wee child. (I think I may have been Irish in a former life :) I have always been drawn to everything Irish; I don't why, I just have) Hopefully in a couple of years my dream can come true.

  3. GUGAW Says:
  4. Wow so many beautiful shots! Love the perspective of the shots where you are really low down x

  5. Jess Says:
  6. What breathtaking photos! I'm marrying an Englishman in a few months, and I can't wait for the day I can go over and visit his homeland! But he refuses to take me there in winter - say's it'll freeze my poor Aussie blood... ;P

  7. Hi Rowena! I finally subscribed to your blog! I wish I had done it sooner, like when I was hosting a giveaway courtesy of Red Ruby Rose...

    How gorgeous these photos you have here! I think I am in love with the "Thrift at Badachro" photo - what a beautiful and creative angle.

  8. Lisa Says:
  9. Wow! What gorgeous photos! I, too, love the shots where the angle is low - as in the "Thrift at Badachro" photo. Your cotton grass photo certainly brought back some memories for me - I once had to make 300 stems of it for a museum in Hong Kong.