On the arts trail

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'd planned a humdrum day of pottering around and working today but the best laid plans and all that..... instead I spent the day walking round the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail and catching up with friends. It's the one weekend of the year when some of the braver local arts folk open their houses for the weekend and tolerate all and sundry having a wonderful snoop around at the art but more importantly their houses. As a self confessed window-peeper I find it's nice to have validation for being a nosey-parker for once.

Of course we supported the arts too, I picked up some ace cushions in mid century barkcloth fabric and some other bits and pieces..... and as every single house seemed to have been home baking for England it would have been rude not to have scoffed the cake and quaffed the tea on offer. Tomorrow I'll eat fruit.

pics: the best dressed doorway in Bristol


  1. Chris Kidd Says:
  2. Had a bloomin good lunch at the Southville centre. Butternut squash goats cheese salad. Bean burger chips and then went for a pint of Honey Ale at The Corrie Tap.
    Ended at the Tob Factory eating choc custard and banana crepes with more beer.
    I love Art.

  3. jacjewelry Says:
  4. What a fun activity! Sounds like it went great. :)

  5. Dallas Shaw Says:
  6. great last photo