Rah Rah Rah!

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The last couple of days I've been down in Devon and Cornwall doing family stuff. Travelling through the country lanes in Devon we stumbled across an artists studio which had opened its doors for Devon Art Week. There was some great work on show but I was especially captivated by the stunning ceramic collages that Rah Rivers creates. I've never seen anything quite like it, beautiful remnants of decorated plates and china objects that have been lovingly reappropriated into complex and striking artworks. Each piece must have taken her many days and weeks of intense work and her sense of colour and pattern placement is so uplifting. I was pleased to see the amount of red 'sold' dots sitting next to her pieces, not only because I was happy to see her selling so well but also because it saved me from buying temptation.

All photos and artwork copyright Rah Rivers 2009

Summer's over

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Our last night in Germany, photo by Heiko - Songs and Whispers

I accidently left my Macbook charger at the artist flat in Hamburg so the last couple of days in Germany were spent without internet. We had a bit of hassle sorting accomodation on the second night in Hamburg. The venue had double-booked the flat and the alternative hostel arrangement was unsuitable which resulted in a last minute arrangement at a place in the Reeperbahn. Michiel and Robbie drove across town to check in before soundcheck and arrived back all grins reporting that they couldn't wait to see my face when I saw our accomodation for the night. More about that in a moment.

The second night in Hamburg was at a lovely neighbourhood bar called Freundlich und Kompetent which lived up to its name and had a great atmosphere, mostly thanks to the manager Julius who went out of his way to make sure we were all OK. It was a good crowd and a nice mellow contrast to the Astra Stube the night before.

But back to that hotel. We were exhausted by the time we arrived back and I'm kicking myself that I didn't take photos. The downstairs was resplendent with 70's retro kitsch and as we climbed the stairs the decor got increasingly camp and boudoir. Robbie and I got the blue room and it was a sight to behold. A large double bed with blue velvet drapes and a star fairy light canopy, velvet curtains, blue lights, a mirror with dressing-room lights around it and facing the bed was a huge blue painting of a male nude with resplendent blue buttocks. It was a homo-erotic paradise and the lady who checked Robbie and Michiel in obviously thought they'd have fun there. She must have assumed that the additional single room was for me rather than Michiel.

Leaving Hamburg on Thursday we drove South West to Nienburg for our last gig. It's a small and pretty town and we relaxed in the afternoon and played a low-key gig in the Hotel Weserschlosschen in the evening followed by a hefty game of Kegelbahn (like skittles or ten-pin bowling). Then it was the goodbyes which were sad as we've had such a fun and intense fortnight. Robbie, Michiel and I finished off the evening supping fine malt whiskey, looking at holiday snaps of Scotland and reminiscing.

We flew back to Bristol yesterday. Susi and Uli (Haruko and Hlynur) kindly met us in Bremen and drove us to the airport and we grabbed a coffee together before departing. Then I realised I'd muddled up the departure times and so instead of a two-hour wait we caught the flight without a minute to spare which was great if not a little unnerving.

It's weird to be back. I have a huge amount of RedRubyRose to catch up on and have spent most of today printing out orders and am about to start packaging. Time to get my bag-head back on!

Hello Hamburg

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I'm losing track of days here, we've now played thirteen shows in nine days, and the gigs have varied considerably. Our first highlight was Polyester Club in Oldenburg on Saturday night which was I think the first show where we let go and had fun. The venue was great and atmosphere relaxed and we all played well. It was a long journey south to Gottingen for Monday's show at Blooming bar and well worth the travelling as the place was packed and everyone was so friendly. Another big drive yesterday, through some gorgeous countryside and hot sunshine back up north to Hamburg. It was quite a jolt to suddenly be back in a pulsing city but as soon as I saw the venue we played at last night I knew we'd have fun. Astra Stube is located under tramlines at a large intersection and the club vibrates everytime a train passes overhead. It was hot, sweaty and so we rocked things up a bit. Not much sleep last night and lots to see in Hamburg today!