Hello Hamburg

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm losing track of days here, we've now played thirteen shows in nine days, and the gigs have varied considerably. Our first highlight was Polyester Club in Oldenburg on Saturday night which was I think the first show where we let go and had fun. The venue was great and atmosphere relaxed and we all played well. It was a long journey south to Gottingen for Monday's show at Blooming bar and well worth the travelling as the place was packed and everyone was so friendly. Another big drive yesterday, through some gorgeous countryside and hot sunshine back up north to Hamburg. It was quite a jolt to suddenly be back in a pulsing city but as soon as I saw the venue we played at last night I knew we'd have fun. Astra Stube is located under tramlines at a large intersection and the club vibrates everytime a train passes overhead. It was hot, sweaty and so we rocked things up a bit. Not much sleep last night and lots to see in Hamburg today!