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Red Ruby Rose on pinterest

Pinterest is a new social bookmarking site inspired by the bulletin board. It caught my eye last week and I requested an invite to join as it's still in beta mode. I really like the clean simple design of the site and it appeals to my magpie tendencies to make mood boards and collections. Finally I have somewhere to place all the stuff I've loaded into my bookmarks and desktop and there are some sharp curators on there. The clincher for me is that every 'pin' has a permalinked source back to the original, unlike collage sites like Polyvore that grab bits and pieces from everywhere with no regard to the source.

Two November giveaways

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Ruby Mandala clutch by Red Ruby Rose

If you'd like the chance to win the clutch pictured above, head on over to Natalie Jost's fabulous blog and shop at Olive Manna. In exchange for Natalie's generous suggestions on how to rejig and customise Big Cartel, which helped me out on my own shop, she received a gift clutch from me, plus another to giveaway.

Also, Indiefixx and Joie magazine are currently giving away one of of my new Morphos butterflies silk scarves.

Joie is a new online lifestyle mag created by Jen of indiefixx. Lots of great articles on art, craft, living, design, style, diy and more. Free to download with a suggested donation.
Good luck with the giveaways!