Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Ruby Rose on pinterest

Pinterest is a new social bookmarking site inspired by the bulletin board. It caught my eye last week and I requested an invite to join as it's still in beta mode. I really like the clean simple design of the site and it appeals to my magpie tendencies to make mood boards and collections. Finally I have somewhere to place all the stuff I've loaded into my bookmarks and desktop and there are some sharp curators on there. The clincher for me is that every 'pin' has a permalinked source back to the original, unlike collage sites like Polyvore that grab bits and pieces from everywhere with no regard to the source.


  1. inaluxe Says:
  2. i love it too - looks fabulous doesn't it? I think I could spend hours just looking through.... time I don't really have! ha ha.

  3. red-handed Says:
  4. Interesting ... (perhaps I'm a magpie as well) ...