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Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm always delighted when Etsy sellers go the extra mile and so I was tickled to receive this vintage necklace from 5gardinias in the post today. It arrived so prettily packaged that I grabbed my camera phone to take some pics. (5gardinia's own product shot above).

Love the embossed paper and handwritten label tied up with postal string.

The bright pink tissue was a nice surprise...

Inside there was protective foam and gorgeous printed tissue paper. The actual necklace is gorgeous with enameled chain and and lovely detailing. Originally I had planned to photogram elements of it as the flexible plastic is similar to another piece I have that photographed like this:
But I think the plastic on this necklace may be too thick. However, I'll certainly give it a go as I love the design... it will hopefully end up as a textile print of some sort, as well as a favourite necklace.

Kathi at 5gardinias has a gorgeous shop of vintage treasures and top notch product photography too.
sweet jane flower necklace

cottage rose eclectic china stack

**edit** I've just discovered Kathi's other Etsy shop, via her blog she's a very talented jeweller too. I adore these earrings


  1. Leila Marvel Says:
  2. I love her shop as well, just exquisite taste and love the cheery photography.

  3. lillyella Says:
  4. ah I almost bought that necklace!

  5. I love that necklace! I'm so excited that you bought it, I hope you love it! Let's see some model shots :)

  6. Sydney Says:
  7. that necklace is too pretty! so jealous :)

  8. kathiroussel Says:
  9. rowena--- many thanks for your lovely words and photos featuring my shops-- you really made my week!!

    your necklace is happy to have you too!!

    p.s. love your blog--hope you don't mind if i link!!!