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Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, May 1, 2009

SWEET TWEET birthday prize ribbon by poppyandclover

I had a really hard time choosing the winner for the clutch giveaway in my first blog post. Many thanks indeed to all 137 contributers. After much consideration I have decided that there are THREE winners, all of whom win a $75 gift voucher for my Etsy shop and free international shipping.

They are:

1) Sarina who wanted to be a siren, 'lounging around on sun warmed rocks half naked by the ocean, singing all day and entrapping handsome men.'

2) Emily who made me smile with her wish to be a hippo as she could, in her own words, 'lounge around, eat all I want and never be offended when someone said, "You're as big as hippo" because, you know, I would actually *be* a hippo. :) '

Holly - who *technically* should be disallowed as her answer wasn't a creature as such but is still a living thing (check me out, bending the rules). She would like to be a redwood tree.... '[in the redwood forrest just outside of San Fran... I visited there recently - beautiful!!] They are tall, strong, majestic, wise and very long living!'

Special mention goes to to the dotty one who wanted to be an aubergine.

Eggplant plush by Vintagepixie5

Thanks for the fantastic answers. I can offer everyone else who took the time to enter this giveaway a 10% discount on any purchases and free international shipping in the Month of May. Simply type the answer you put into the box at checkout and I'll refund shipping and 10% via Paypal.


  1. Thanks for the special mention :o) I don't know where aubergine came from - clearly some vital part of my brain must be missing!
    Thanks for the discount offer too - I may well take you up on that - just need to spend a couple more days convincing myself I really do need ANOTHER bag!
    Am really enjoying your blog xx

  2. Emily Says:
  3. Hee, hee, I'm glad you were tickled by my hippo-ness. Thank you!!

  4. LilyHaven Says:
  5. Such cute and creative answers! Congratulations to the winners. :)