Light and lovely

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, April 30, 2009

top left: butterflies by aliette, top middle: endure by underabluesky, top right, Coral by wallnut, middle left: ANGELHOOD by sudiosu, middle: botanical by swallowfield, middle right: Blizzard Print by PaperPieShop, bottom left: There is a Light and it Never Goes Out by transfertransfer, bottom middle: Flying Bird by heidifavour, bottom right: Black Currawong by bridgetfarmerprints

The dreaded wallpaper has gone and now there are beautiful white walls reflecting light and loveliness. The paint fumes aren't so lovely, I wish I'd chosen a no-odour paint like the lovely looking range at Earthborn but instead all the windows are open and I'm hoping the pong will fade soon.

As an aside, our TV blew up this evening. It happened while Tory boy David Cameron was on the news so maybe it was divine intervention by some liberal leaning cathode ray tubes who took exception to the Eton toff. I stared rather forlornly at the blank screen whilst my tea went cold on my lap and so I've retreated back to my studio and have been mooching around Etsy looking at all the lovely artwork and getting inspired....

I love this limited edition, signed matte archival print called botanical by swallowfield. It caught my eye on the Etsy front page earlier today and reminds me of a vintage textile design (wow, it would looks so great on a clutch!) The artist, Jennifer Judd-Mcgee suggests it would look good in a super simple black frame. I agree - I think it would work in a super-chunky white frame too. It's certainly on my wish-list.

aliette creates such beautiful, ethereal images. Whenever I create an Etsy treasury it's pretty much a given that one of these beauties will be included. This print butterflies is especially lovely.

Assemblage art is another favourite of mine and ANGELHOOD by sudiosu is a clever and eccentric guardian angel. The pom-pom fringe detail is a great added touch.

The Black Currawong is apparantly a species peculiar to Tasmania. This sugarlift etching by bridgetfarmerprints really captures the character of this sleek crow-like bird. Available in her Etsy shop for $199 which I think is a very reasonable price for such a striking and original limited-edition print.

heidifavour has a wonderful graphic style and this Flying Bird print layered collage reflects her love of, in her own words 'typography, old stuff, corny sayings and the North Dakota prairie'.

Coral by wallnut is a pencil and ink drawing on watercolour paper. Simply stunning and a steal at $50 for an original artwork.

Not only does transfertransfer create stunning photography, she's a Smiths fan judging by the title of this print There is a Light and it Never Goes Out, so naturally she rocks. Time to get a bit of Smiths action via this youtube clip.

A striking and atmospheric 5x5 print by Toronto artist Charlene, titled to endure and available from her Etsy shop underabluesky for $12

'What if snow wasn't white at all, but all sorts of beautiful colors?' asks Liz Scott, the artist behind PaperPieShop whilst painting the marvellously titled and executed Blizzard Print.

My Etsy cart floweth over.


  1. what a lovely blog post! Thank you for including my currawong etching.
    Don't worry about not having a TV, as long as you have a computer to watch DVDs you'll get used to not having a TV and wonder why you ever needed one. I lived without a TV for many years and it's amazing how little you miss it! (you also get a lot more work done!!!)

  2. Liz Says:
  3. Thank you so much for including my Blizzard Print in this very beautiful collection. Your clutch bags are quite exquisite and I think I have time to sneak over to the giveaway post and leave a comment . . .

  4. Wow, you have a great eye! I especially love the Coral by wallnut, what a stunning yet simple print. Enjoying your new blog!

  5. cserdan Says:
  6. lovely, lovely finds here! thank you so much for including my photo.

    I'm off to peruse through your beautiful shop!


  7. Lisa Says:
  8. What excellent choices - all lovely, and I am particularly fond of "botanical."