Time and tide

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, April 24, 2009

It's hard to write objectively about friends because we all think our buddies are creative and great. Also, I think it's somehow not very British to gush about our mates - in general we're too busy taking the piss or flaunting our modesty.

I love the photography that Chris Kidd captures and creates. The fact that he's my mate also allows me a little more insight into his process and methodology than if his work was simply a picture on a wall or image in a book. His photographic world is acutely and poetically human. He captures the ephemeral and out-lived, the discarded and lost. He's a storyteller and story-maker. These images aren't all instant fixes, many of them take time to grow on you, like the best songs, they have a hook but also a depth that pulls you back again and again.

Chris shoots from the hip, literally. Whether he's using a holga, a compact digital or a rollei, he'll walk in the room, mentally scan it, and have taken three or four shots from the camera attached to his belt before you're aware he's shooting. A mundane domestic setting is as much his playground as a windswept seaside town and his camera is a natural extension to his curiosity and perfect sense of place.


  1. Becky Says:
  2. Absolutely amazing photographs! Does he have a shop or online portfolio?

    P.S. This made me laugh: "in general we're too busy taking the piss or flaunting our modesty" :-D

  3. He doesn't currently have an online portfolio or way to buy prints as such.... I hope he does soon.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Hi. Thanks. I cant do websites but will start a blog. Yes Im keen to sell!
    Great write up. Thanks Row.
    I will keep you posted. Inspired!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. I have albums on facebook. Search Chris Kidd Bristol.

    These are house sitting and dodg walking shots. Also loads of Weston super Mare, Somerset England.


  8. Chris Kidd Says:
  9. http://spacesbetweencjk.blogspot.com/



  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Lovely post. I know Chris and his work to! Creates lovely images.


  12. oh Says:
  13. Good to see more of your work Chris! I am spellbound by the last image - that orange sponge has got me.


  14. Oh Says:
  15. Chris, make it easier to comment on your blog!! At the moment it only allows users with a URL to do so... I tried but no joy.

  16. Chris Kidd Says:
  17. Thanks for comments. Not sure who Oh is but great to hear from you and yes i will try to make it easier to comment on my blog.