This wallpaper has to go....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, April 24, 2009

It's been sitting on the wall for far too long. It should have gone when we did our first enthusiastic house renovations six years ago but it was one of those jobs that forever got put off and now it literally is part of the wallpaper. But it's hideous. The whimsical photo may deceive, but it's no 80's retro chintz-coming-back-atcha affair, it's embossed and vinyl and slightly evil.

Working with colour and pattern and texture all day I find that I love spaces that are simple and white. On Monday we will finally be rid off it.. joy.

Of course the reason for this second burst of enthusiastic house decoration is that now I wake up in the morning and can see everything clearly (see post below), and everything clearly needs to be painted. White.