Meet Barker and Corbett....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our new chickens! They arrived today and are very beautiful and bird-brained young ladies. All seems to be OK so far although Corbett had a VERY loud fit of squawking at tea-time which I hope was just nerves at her new surroundings. Living in a built-up urban area I'm very aware that we can't upset the neighbours. So, lay some golden eggs soon my pretties and then we can bribe any dissenters.


  1. Chris Kidd Says:
  2. Hey! Congratulations! I was wondering if they arrived ok. Barker and Corbett? 2 Ronnies?
    Well good luck with it all.

    (ps. why put a doily on a roc? Am I missing something?)

  3. kathiroussel Says:
  4. they look like princesses!! what fun--will you have fresh eggs?