New design ideas

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'd love to hear your feedback please! I've been working on some ideas for new printed leather clutches and would love to know your favourite designs from these rough drafts below (please excuse my rather dodgy Photoshopping). Because I only order the leather in very small batches I need to be quite careful about the designs I choose... so I'd love to know what you'd pick and whether you'd like to see any other colourways or themes. Many thanks indeed!

1. Stencil Chrysanthemum

2. starburst

3. feather

4.sea holly

5. magnolia

6. polka


  1. Sara PDX Says:
  2. I am most drawn to the magnolia pattern, with my second favorite being sea holly. I think the color and design relationship on these are the most cohesive.

  3. Izzy Says:
  4. I definitely like Stencil Chrysanthemum, the colors are so warm and natural.

  5. Andromache Says:
  6. I like the 1 and 5 patterns the best!

  7. Eva Says:
  8. I love the feather! I think it works as an abstract pattern and a feather as well. Second favourite - stencil chrysanthemum.

  9. Lulu LaBonne Says:
  10. I adore sea holly and the feather

    The polka dots work least well for me.

  12. I love the Magnolia Pattern the best! Beautiful colors used in that one. I also like the Sea Holly design.

  13. Stencil Chrysanthemum and the Starburst are my favorite. I imagine it would be difficult to decide what to go with when buying in small amounts. I find your work beautiful and I think your choices this far have been wonderful....I don't think you could go wrong. People have a wide range of tastes and you have covered quite a few with your designs.


  14. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, it's really interesting to see what you're choosing and makes me think that I should probably print all five :)

  15. I'm loving "Stencil Chrysanthemum". Lovely.

  16. Stencil chrysanthemum and sea holly for me! :)

  17. oh my.......these are very beautiful bags. I grew up outside Bristol so long ago it was still in black & white but I have a friend marrying a man who lives there and would love to get her hands on one. How to do that?

  18. Hello Young at Heart! Thanks for your comment, you can email me to discuss this further at: mail ((at)) rowenadugdale ((dot)) com