Two red balloons

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heart Shaped Balloon Embroidered Art Plaque by Samskiart

It's been an emotional couple of weeks. Part of me feels naturally reluctant to spill my heart, but something happened last night that I felt moved to share. The decision to come over to Germany and play some shows wasn't without its pain. My grandma died a few days before we were due to fly and it was a difficult... and maybe in part selfish... decision on my part to carry on with the tour and miss the funeral. My family were very supportive in this decision and so it was that as my family grieved in England on Tuesday morning that I found myself sitting in Bremens oldest church. with the organist practising for the next mass and light shining through the ancient windows.

On Tuesday night we played at a cafe/bar in Bremen's old docks area which has been regenerated into a creative artsy quarter. The stage was outside and although it threatened to rain all night we got through without a drop. By the time we were on it had got colder and my heart was heavy so it was a little flat. Afterwards I couldn't help myself but weep and feel utterly miserable that I wasn't with my family.

Yesterday we drove to Bremerhaven, about 40 miles north of Bremen to play at Passage Kino. Heiko, who is the whirlwind maverick behind this Songs and Whispers tour, met us at the venue clutching two red heart-shaped balloons. He explained that they were for my grandma and so I took the balloons and let them fly high and free at the waterfront in Bremerhaven. I was very touched by this beautiful gesture.


  1. What a lovely sorry about your grandma, they are special to us girls!

  2. merium Says:
  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandma~hope you can hold her in your heart..

  4. Sara PDX Says:
  5. My grandma died suddenly at the end of last year and I can understand your apprehension about continuing on with your life after something tragic has happened. Rest assured that this is an ever-present, normal phase of grief and your grandma's surely very happy that you've achieved success!

    I think there's great healing power in symbols and rituals like the releasing of those red balloons. So nice for your friend to think of it.

  6. deafdisco Says:
  7. so sorry to hear this news...hope you are feeling ok.