Posted by Red Ruby Rose Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm planning my next batch of fabric designs at the moment and would love to include at least one hellebore print. The previous owners of our house were really keen gardeners and I often get pangs of sadness that I can't maintain the garden to the standards they kept. However, I'm still delighted by the surprises that appear year after year from their ambitious planting endeavours - especially the different varieties of hellebores. As plants go, they hang their heads low and look fairly dowdy at first appearance but when you lift the flower and peek you're greeted by the most astounding display.
I took these photos with cross-processed film so the colours are weirdly saturated but I think it helps add to the otherworldliness of these early Spring blooming beauties.


  1. I love hellebores - so very english!

  2. Space Cadet Says:
  3. As always, loving your work. Gary