My latest crush

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, June 27, 2009

After all my fussing and fretting yesterday, three lovely fabric parcels arrived in the post this morning. It's certainly made me a feel a little less hasty to banish all but my own fabrics (see my post below) as the new arrivals are real beauties and feel fresh and new.

I've been totally smitten with this fabric ever since I clapped eyes on the above picture in a recent edition of Country Living. It's such a clever design, contemporary but with a lovely retro flavour and the perfect balance of colours and shapes. The manufacturers don't state who actually designed it so it's hard to know whether it was one of their in house design team or a freelancer. I'd love to know as it'd be great to see more of their work. Either way I'm sure it will be an absolute best seller for them... it was out of stock twice before I got my consignment.


  1. Lory Says:
  2. LOVE it!!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. beautiful purse!

  5. Sydney Says:
  6. This is great!! So cute!

  7. j2fabfunk Says:
  8. This is awesome and all of your clutches are amazing. I hearted your shop and felt mass envy over your number of sales :) Great work.

  9. deafdisco Says:
  10. rowena, i think this looks like an angie lewin fabric...

    i found you on etsy today - i love your clutches, and am seriously considering one of your peacock ones for my wedding in october.

  11. /\ /\ /\

    Ooh yes, I love Angie Lewin's fabrics, I have that print listed already :)

  12. I love your stuff and can't seem to find another way to get ahold of you at all!

    I would love to feature you on my blog- can you please email me at so I can get approval to do a post on you And maybe get a little more info!

    Thanks so much- I really hope I hearfrom you soon


  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. this clutch is beautiful

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. love this

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. Surprise for you:

  19. Beautiful fabric, I can see why you were inspired!!

  20. Anonymous Says:
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