Show boat

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tonight Rob and I supported Colin Macintyre (aka Mull Historical Society) at Bristol's floating venue The Thekla. It was a last minute booking so we didn't feel massively prepared for it. Usually on a gig day it's hard to knuckle down to any other work but the shop's busy at the moment so I was working up until sound check. Plus Rob has a bout of man-flu at the moment so he was feeling a bit woozy all day and I wasn't sure he was up to playing.

As it turned out, it was a great night. In the past we've supported touring bands at the Thekla with the full band and it was always a pretty hectic affair. Last minute soundchecks, frayed nerves and just enough room on the stage to swing a moderately sized cat. Tonight was a breeze. We were the only support and the normally standing-room floor was decked with chairs so punters were right there rather than loitering at the side or back (as we all like to do). It was a lovely gig, really refreshing and it was an absolute pleasure to open for Colin Macintyre as his set was magic. I'd never seen him live before although we've got a couple of his albums and his new more acoustic direction (with gorgeous double bass and fiddle) was wonderful. A pindrop crowd and lovely atmosphere. Not bad for a rainy Tuesday night on a boat in Bristol.