An alternative to the bouquet

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of the best things about being on Etsy is the direct link between maker and buyer. I love the messages and images that are sent to me, building up little stories of the bags on their travels once they've left my hands. Also when I'm at the Post Office there are often times the PO staff and I joke about hand delivering the packages that are going to the most exotic places. Hawaii anyone?

Thanks to Susannah for sending me the lovely photograph above of her wedding party, with clutches replacing bouquets. Her wedding looked fabulous, there are more over at the Brides Cafe. Photographers are Anika London Media.


  1. Sherry Says:
  2. Just lovely. I am always writing about my amazing customers.


  3. Janice Says:
  4. That is such an amazing, crafty idea! I have just found this blog and your breathtaking artwork, and let me tell you, it has left me so inspired. I have been toying with the idea of an Etsy shop for a while and though it might take me a bit to get it up and running, I know that it will be amazing. Thank you!

  5. Tracy Rogers Says:
  6. A unique & thoughtful idea...I just love it! And LOVE your bags :)

    Congrats to all your success, & oodles more!!!

    Tracy :)

  7. I have just seen your interview on Etsy and feel very inspired, and want to quit my day job too!
    so thanks for that
    I wanted to add that I always feel excited when i go to the post office and send off my ceramics to some exotic or interesting location
    keep up the good work, I'll be following your posts on the blog

  8. red-handed Says:
  9. The exchange *is* nice, eh? I always put little cards into the parcels I send.

  10. srmsoft Says:
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