Quit your day job

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, June 4, 2010

Just a quick post to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented or contacted me after the Quit your day job article on Etsy. I received an overwhelming and touching amount of feedback. It's been a busy few months and it feels like time to recharge the batteries so I'm going away for a few days and am leaving the laptop behind. Fresh sea air here I come!


  1. Eva Says:
  2. I stumbled across the article the other day - interesting to find out more about you. I didn't realise you were an illustrator too - you have many talents! Enjoy the fresh sea air :)

  3. I really love the article...well done & you really deserve the exposure too : )

  4. red-handed Says:
  5. Have a great time! We have the same idea in two weeks.

  6. mmmmm gorgeous work, I went to school in Clifton Bristol, so it was great to read your blog. I am also an illustrator and am attempting to have an etsy shop....I am inspired!
    Danielle :)

  7. Nona Nofa Says:
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  9. The Pea Pod Says:
  10. I read your 'quit the day job' interview, congratulations on being featured - although I'm not surprised, your work is lovely.

    I was so spurred on to pull my finger out and get an Etsy shop sorted, that I did it there and then! Thanks for the kick up the ...

  11. Jenevieve Says:
  12. Fantastic article, I really enjoyed reading it and I love your clutches! xx