What's in a name

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sample from my new product line, the written word printed silk clutch

Before Christmas I ordered some letterpress cards from Ragamuffin Press on Etsy. The cards arrived and were beautiful. What also struck me was the envelope that they arrived in. The postal address had been beautifully hand scripted with a traditional dip pen and it was absolutely charming, a delicious contrast to the usual Paypal shipping labels. I stuck the envelope on the wall and thought no more of it.

Chevron letterpress postcards by Ragamuffin Press

I must have thought about it on a subconscious level though, as I woke bolt-upright one night with an idea to personalize a clutch on the outside, in a contemporary way but using delicious script. The first thing was to scour the web to see if anybody was doing anything similar but I couldn't find anything. There were plenty of customised labels and embroidered names but nothing quite like I was imagining.

So, I contacted Beth at Ragamuffin and a plan was hatched. Before I knew it a fabulous envelope stuffed full of hand-scripted loveliness arrived on my doorstep. Complete with little side-notes and scribbles. A treasure-trove!

So, these have become the basis of my new range of personalised bridal and bridesmaid clutches, printed onto pure silk and completely customised.

Something a little different!


  1. jacjewelry Says:
  2. Fascinating - and the end results are gorgeous! I bet these are going to be a hit! I love that little "oops" note in one of the photos.

  3. These are just beautiful! I love the little 'oops', very nigel molesworth!

  4. I think I have to include the 'oops' in a future design!

  5. Filipa Says:
  6. Oh Rowena, do include 'ooos' in at least one of the cluthes! It will be awesome! :)