Tiny purses

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in April last year I posted about a tiny bird purse I'd made. At the time I didn't list the purse but stored it away and promptly forgot all about it. Yesterday I was tidying my studio (a reluctant chore) and I found the tiny bird nestled in a drawer along with seven minature frames. This was the perfect excuse to stop tidying and so I made seven tiny purses to go with the bird. Fiddly to make but very sweet! The top frames are a mere 1.5 inches, so they are perfect for keeping a delicate piece of jewellery or just as a little keepsake.


  1. kziegler Says:
  2. They all look adorable!

  3. Filipa Says:
  4. Rowena, I love how you were just like 'so then I made 7 more'!! :) Haha, and they are so delicate and beautiful and you just do it as your 'break time chore' :) You are so amazing! :)

  5. Filipa, ha ha, anything to distract me from cleaning :)

  6. red-handed Says:
  7. Nice find, nice idea.