Blog redesign & shop reopens

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Monday, February 7, 2011

Flowerwheel 8x10 photogram photographic art print

Feathered feather, 8x10 photogram photographic art print

My blog has had a spring clean, thanks to Dionne at Studio Chic Design. I've also finally reopened my Etsy print shop Polaroids and Pinholes after an extended break. I was finding it tricky to juggle two Etsy stores but I'm going to give it another go as it was sad to neglect the photography. As well as the traditional darkroom photography techniques, polaroids and pinhole prints, I'm planning on branching out and adding some of my recent cross-processed and iphone pics and I hope this will also feed back into new textile designs.


  1. kziegler Says:
  2. It looks great! I love the background texture :)

  3. Filipa Says:
  4. Good new look on the blog! Very fresh and clean! :)

  5. Adustgerm Says:
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