Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This week I finally got the hang of Instagram. I tried it out when I first got my iphone and didn't really pursue it but a friend recommended I give it another look and now I'm hooked. To me it's a lovely visual alternative to Twitter, plus the Instagram community seems very friendly and inclusive. Take a look, I'm @redrubyrose and I'd love to follow you too!


  1. You have great powers of observation, I love your textile designs and the bags are simply beautiful.

    I'm a photographer and I'd like to have some of my animal and floral designs printed on to fabric. Can you recommend any good printing companies? I'm also UK based (Sussex)

    Thanks again for such visual treats. Linda xx

  2. Thanks Linda, I've emailed you some info which hopefully will point you in the right direction. Happy New Year!