Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, November 4, 2011

Thought I'd share some pics from my recent trip to Italy. It was a lovely time of year to go, warmer than the UK but cool enough to do good walks and sit on the beach without frying. We based ourselves in the North West, firstly La Spezia to visit the Cinque Terre and then Lucca and Viareggio.

View of houses in Viareggio. We were there a week before the region was sadly hit by a massive landslide and flooding, causing widespread damage.

Orange groves on the streets of La Spezia.

The night after a storm in la Spezia before the street cleaner arrived. He later told us he had picked up 413 oranges. Now that's attention to detail!

Fabulous fiat.

Equally fabulous bike.

Sandcastles are sooo last season. Now it's all about owlcastles.

Fabulous sunset in Viareggio.

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  1. Melissa Says:
  2. Gorgeous pictures but feeling very saddened by the news of the floods. We went to cinque terre for our honeymoon and absolutely adored it there. Kind people and such a beautiful place.