Behind the scenes

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Friday, November 13, 2009

Snapshot of photoshoot set up

The shop reopens next Monday 16th November. I can't wait! I'll be listing in two batches, one lot on Monday and the next the following week. There won't be as much stock as before - I think previously it took me the best part of a year to build up to around the 100 listings mark but there will be around 20 new styles to begin with.

I've decided it's time to pension off my trusty but ancient 2 mega-pixel fuji-finepix digital camera. It's served me well but this time round I've enlisted the help of friend and professional photographer Toby Farrow. We spent a fun but exhaustive day today shooting the first batch of clutches, and he quickly managed to fill the whole room with an impressive array of photographic paraphenalia while my little fuji-finepix wept quiety in the corner. His set up included a laptop with software that triggered the shutter so images could be previewed immediately on screen - so great. In the afternoon another friend popped over to do some model shots and she shone in front of the camera (and sadly looked better in my dresses than me, sigh).

This collaborative working is a new thing for me - I'm so used to working alone that it was wonderful to get a fresh perspective and bounce ideas off others for a change. Roll on Monday!

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  1. Wow...photographers & models sounds oh so exciting!! Looking forward to seeing your new goodies and I am sure they will soon be on the FP of Etsy too : )