Sssh... Mum's the word....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm going to try and avoid going to the shops this year for Christmas presents... there are so many favourite shops I've added over the past year on Etsy that it seems a shame to shop elsewhere. One shop that I love is Julieandco - contemporary Japanese temari, beautifully created with stunning complex patterns. I decided to buy one for my mum, and sharing this gift on here won't spoil the surprise as my mother rather refreshingly doesn't even know how to turn a computer on, let alone snoop around on the internet to see what her reckless daughter is up to. These temari must take an age to make... so beautiful.

1 Responses to Sssh... Mum's the word....

  1. Lulu LaBonne Says:
  2. That is a beautiful thing ... as is Amy and your new clutches. I want to see more of those big ones - yum