While the shop is closed....

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been quite odd having the shop closed the last few days. Partly I think I'm a little mad to do it so close to the busiest shopping season of the year but I needed just a little space to gather my thoughts and actions for the new things in the pipeline.

There have been a few frustrating delays on materials and I've got my work cut out to get everything up and ready for re-opening next week. Also, having the shop closed has made me do all the things I have been putting off for months.... like a really good tidy up, cooking some proper meals for a change (when was the last time I baked a cake? last year I think... wow the one I made on Sunday tasted good!) and I finally got a roman blind made out of the gorgeous dandelion clocks material. With all the sewing I've done the last couple of years I had high hopes for the blind but it still took several hours of cussing and grumpiness. Slippery little sucker! But, it's up now, looks pretty good and hasn't fallen down yet. Also, Rob and I have been working on our new single for Cue Fanfare, it's pretty much all recorded now, just needs mixing.

So, if all goes well, the plan is to re open the shop next week... I can't wait! I haven't got an exact day in mind yet as there's still loads to do but it'll be so nice to have my Etsy life back again, I'm missing it.

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  1. I've made a few roman blinds and they are very very fiddly indeed - and a lot more work than regular curtains... but they look so fantastic when finished - but the last time I baked a cake was 1979! Hope you're enjoying the 'rest'!