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Posted by Red Ruby Rose Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Barker', our ditzy chook - test shot on Nikon SLR

Being a fickle creature, I've been seduced by the lure of an SLR camera, which is a bit rich after my posting last week in which I pretty much dismissed the idea. I square the blame at my friendly local camera shop, who have kindly loaned me a Nikon T55 (a basic entry-level Nikon film camera) and a rather tasty Nikon micro lens to have a go with for a couple of days. Oooohhh, it's a bit lovely, especially shooting onto film as it adds a layer of trepidation to each frame. The shallow depth of field on this lens is striking too, something I could never capture with a point and shoot.

bamboo plant in the backyard - test shot on Nikon SLR

Seedhead in the garden - test shot on Nikon SLR

Fairy lights - test shot on Nikon SLR

So... the question is should I get the camera? Well, actually I can't afford it at the moment thanks to it being tax-bill time but it is very tempting for when I can. I've also had a lot of fun shooting pictures with my lovely little Diana mini camera. A completely different proposition this one... perfect for atmospheric and slightly wonky shots. Very charming and frustrating in equal measures (the second roll of film snapped in the camera - the winding mechanism is rubbish)

My favourite shot of this batch taken with a Diana mini, a clothes line and pegs

Diana mini - light leak from film snapping and me opening the back of camera - doh!

fir tree taken on Diana mini

Fig tree, taken with Diana mini


  1. flowerpress Says:
  2. I love love love my Nikon DSLR! I had a D50 for five years and just upgraded to a D90. The quality of the SLR compared to our point and shoot is really noticeable. And with a slr you can upgrade lenses when you get richer.
    That said I'd love to experiment again with film, my sister got a Diana.

  3. Thanks flowerpress... I'm thinking I'm going to get round to a DSLR by stealth, I'll get the film camera, soon get fed up with going to a photo lab, and before I know it I'll have gone round the houses but got to digital in the end :)