Peacocks and plummage

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've added two new peacock clutches to the shop this week.... I'm still loving this fabric after nearly two years of working with it and these new additions broaden the range. Lovely peacocks.

This morning I booked a session in my local colour darkroom. I realised I hadn't been for over a year which I'm a little ashamed about as these facilities need to be used. Most colour darkrooms have been phased out so it's a little jewel. Note to self, use it or lose it! The session was an experiment as the chemistry is out of date there and I was testing to see if it was still useable. Unfortunately it wasn't so great but I still had fun. I couldn't contact-print the paper negatives so I inverted them in Photoshop (below), not ideal as I can't get the same depth and saturation of colour but I'll go and do some more shots next month when the chemistry has been replaced. My plan is to update my 'polaroidsandpinholes' Etsy shop over the next couple of months as it's a little unloved at the moment and to get inspired for new textile prints.


  1. red-handed Says:
  2. I'm jealous of *anyone* who gets to use a darkroom these days.

  3. lisa stubbs Says:
  4. They're beautiful images, and thanks for the advice about the zips, fortunately my skills don't actually run to sewing 'proper' things just gluing and pretend sewing so the fears not as great! love your clutch bags, beautiful, one more thing to add to my wish list! what a talent you are!!

  5. amy prior Says:
  6. So lucky to have access to a colour dark room-the blue photographs are really lovely