Junk yard blues

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Saturday, January 30, 2010

I shot some slide film last week while I was testing out the lovely Nikon and cross-processed it today. I love the increased grain and contrast, the heavy shadowing and saturated colour, all achieved without a sniff of Photoshop. Joy! This camera is wooing me - I shot these pics on a cloudy day, handheld, indoors at the local reclamation yard. They came back looking like they'd been shot in a ramshackle Spanish Cantina.


  1. daisymay Says:
  2. Stunning photos!

  3. emma wallace Says:
  4. Beautiful! I love the blue-green ones.

  5. You are so, so clever. Actually, I'm depressed by how good your photos are. Going off to sob now ;-)

  6. Chris Kidd Says:
  7. Hi
    This work is far out! Cant wait to see what your using.

  8. kanishk Says:
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