Apples and pears

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Sunday, October 3, 2010

I love the little apple tree in our garden, it's ancient and wonky with mistletoe growing in the boughs. It was stormy last night so today I picked the best of the windfalls and the biggest ripest fruit on the top of the tree. This wasn't quite as easy as I first anticipated and I had a blonde moment when I decided to stand on a kitchen chair, only for the chair leg to sink into the soft ground and for me to wobble off. So, I grabbed the stepladder and stirred Robbie from his post sunday lunch doze to hold the ladder whilst I balanced atop with apples raining down on his head.

There are only so many apples we can eat. I've kept a few aside to store and popped round with a basket to friends and neighbours. It'll be endless apple pie for the forseeable future.

As for the pears... they're bullet hard still. Maybe I could try poaching them, or is it still too early to harvest them?


  1. red-handed Says:
  2. Apples ... I'm always a little bit at war with them, bringing them to work and not eating them, and then eating one, and remembering how good they are.

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  4. Joy Says:
  5. Harvesting pears? When you lift them gently in the palm of your hand and the stem breaks - THEN you can consider eating them fresh from the tree. But best to wait just a little longer, until they are just a wee bit soft around the stem - then they are just delish.