Sample sale update

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There are six silk scarves remaining in the sample sale
Tree silhouette reduced from £75 to £50
Stencil chrysanthemum reduced from £75 to £50
Dandelion clocks reduced from £75 to £45
Stencil Noir reduced from £75 to £45
Vida birds reduced from £75 to £45
Plum seedheads reduced from £75 to £45


  1. Filipa Says:
  2. Rowena, you are just so talented! I'll be tweeting your sample sale!! :)

  3. kristina Says:
  4. I just wanted to say I received my scarf yesterday--it came so fast. And it is exquisite, not to mention the beautiful packaging. Thank you, Rowena.

  5. Filipa, thanks for tweeting :)
    Kristina, I'm delighted that the scarf arrived swiftly and that you like it - that's really great news!

  6. inaluxe Says:
  7. they all look so amazing - I love your packaging too (I'm a sucker for packaging!).

    I've visited a few times, but it's probably time to say hello properly... hello! love your blog, and your work too. cheers, Kristina.