Swan lake

Posted by Red Ruby Rose Sunday, October 10, 2010

One of my favourite cycle rides in Bristol is the pill path which is traffic free and runs alongside the river Avon and Leigh woods. When I first started cycling again earlier this year I was woefully unfit and would wobble along for a couple of miles and come home in a heap. Slowly my fitness has improved, I'm still pretty crumby but at least now I can cycle to Pill and back without collapsing. One of the best things about this route is the lake at the end of the river path, perfect for a rest and also for gawking at the large flock of comedic chickens that reside in a big plot next to the water.

Yesterday was the first time I saw the swan. Looking very serene in the photo but she came across to hiss and honk at us.

In contrast to the lake, I quite fancied going on the cycle lane over the big motorway bridge at Avonmouth. The whole concept of a cycle lane on a huge bridge next to a roaring motorway seemed odd. It was a cloudy murky day yesterday and the whole thing was surreal.


  1. jacjewelry Says:
  2. Gorgeous image of the lake and the swan. I had no idea they hiss!

  3. red-handed Says:
  4. Great blackness to the roads ...