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Posted by Red Ruby Rose Wednesday, April 22, 2009

top left: 3girlsandagoat, top middle: oktak top right: lillyella
middle left: earthworks journals, middle middle: all those threes middle right: red oak press bottom left: dottyral, bottom middle: spa goddess bottom right: tortilla girl

I think it's fair to say that it was love at first sight when I stumbled across Etsy towards the end of 2008. I couldn't get over the abundance of talent, the clean interface and general good vibes. Starting out as a buyer, the first thing I bought arrived sweetly gift-wrapped with a personal note and I was smitten.

Over the months that followed, as I bought more items and gradually became a seller, I started communicating with other sellers and gathered a little group of favourite Etsians - people who not only sold stellar items but whose customer service and friendly manner really made an impression with me. It's not always easy to pull all these strands together when you're busily creating, making, photographing, selling, wrapping, posting, promoting your own stuff to reach out and meaningfully connect with others, so I wanted to feature this group of nine as being rather special Etsy people.

Oktak has very sweetly and patiently answered many of my panicked messages or ramblings over the last few months. I've got huge respect for her work ethic and skill - a purse I bought from her several months ago looks as good as new despite daily use. Being in the same Etsy category we've been able to discuss issues that can't be tackled in the forums and her positive attitude is an inspiration.

Lillyella is, I think, superhuman. How she juggles her busy shop as well as being the sharpest communicator I've come across on Etsy, as well as blogging, tweeting and generally covering all bases is beyond me. I remember conversations we had over the Christmas period where I was flapping over the orders I had, only to see that she was effortlessly dealing with a sales list that would have had me reaching for the tequila bottle. Of course her jewellery is stunning, and arrives beautifully wrapped.

Spa Goddess opened her shop around the same time as me and I love her sunny attitude and generosity. Her products are divine.. the Rockstar detox packs a hearty punch and the delicate aduki bean facial wash is fresh and clean. Yum!

I stumbled across Earthworks Journals via the front page and was struck by the photogram-type effect they created on their beautiful leather journals. It was approaching Christmas and I custom ordered a journal for my Dad which was frankly stunning. Plus, they are so friendly, it was a great buying experience.

Thanks to Tortilla Girl the worst of this winters chills were kept at bay. Damn, I wish I could knit. The beautiful custom neckwarmer and gloves I ordered arrived prettily wrapped, perfectly made and a joy to wear. Tortillagirl rocks.

Dottyral I use your cupcake pincushion everyday... functional, practical, whimsical and ace.

I use 3girlsandagoat's gorgeous little cards and envelopes in my current packaging. They're the perfect size for a little note and they seal with a great silver sticker. Simply lovely.

Letterpress seems to be woefully under-appreciated here in the UK. Luckily it's still an appreciated and loved craft in the USA and there are some wonderful letterpress printers on Etsy. This form of printing does hold a special association for me as my dad's a printer and he started out using a small letterpress before moving onto litho. The smell of ink and paper is just the best. Red Oak Press do letterpress with style. Stunning designs, beautifully printed. Perfect cards for special notes or thanks.

Finally, a mention to Amity at all those threes, an Etsian that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Earlier this month Maria and Liz from Etsy visited London as part of their European trip and it was great opportunity to meet fellow Etsians and staff. Amity's work is beautiful and it was great to get perspective from a fellow Brit. I covet this.


  1. Becky Says:
  2. Your blog looks fantastic! I'm honored to be in your etsy A list. Thanks for making my week with this entry :-)

  3. oktak Says:
  4. Congrats on the launching of your blog! I know this is going to be one amazing blog, and I'll be checking back for sure!
    Like Becky, I'm very honored to be among such wonderful company. Thanks so much - you're the best!

  5. carollai Says:
  6. so sweet of you to 'first' name list all the people that have touched your etsy-life. :) great products too!

  7. Dotty Says:
  8. Aww, thanks from me too R! I've admired your bags for so long!

  9. LilyHaven Says:
  10. Beautiful list! Your blog looks wonderful. I don't think you need any blogging advice from me... looks like you've got it handled.

    Best of luck,

  11. Amity Says:
  12. Thanks so much for including me in your list! I've bookmarked your blog & will be back often. :)

  13. f2images Says:
  14. Great A list. I totally agree about Nicole at Lillyella. She seems kind of like Wonderwoman in that regard!! And she is an excellent communicator. Some new favs here as well!

    Emiko :)

  15. thanks Rowena for the lovely comments regarding my petite envelopes with cards... great to hear you are enjoying using them